June 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Is Prepping Enough?
Cat Ellis “Herbal Prepper Live

PreppingLast week, I found myself in a conversation that troubled me deeply. I can’t get it out of my mind. Even though I had something else in mind for this week’s episode, my mind kept coming back to this conversation. This needs to be discussed. If you consider yourself a prepper or a survivalist, then you need to listen.

The conversation was an exploration of “what if” scenarios during SHTF. What kinds of things were people willing to do and not willing to do. Much of what was said was both illuminating and alarming. And while unimaginable acts may become imaginable during such times of crisis, it left me wondering if prepping is enough.

Is it really enough just to stock up on food, water, and ammo? Is it enough to secure an rural homestead capable of functioning off the grid? Is it enough to raise your own livestock and bees? Is it to live without debt and to stock up on gold and silver? Is it enough to know how to identify plants for food and medicine, or know how to erect an emergency shelter if you suddenly had to become nomadic for a period of time?

What bothered me was that as striking and resolute as some of that conversation were, it is the fear behind the comments that is far more dangerous. It’s true, certain types of disasters may result in civil unrest; a true “Mad Max”, apocalyptic kill or be kill world. But, eventually, people begin to rebuild. People begin to carve out a new normal and build new societies and cultures, and have done so repeatedly throughout history.

The trick is, how to we get to that point? How do we get to the recovery and the rebuild? You’re planning and prepping for the survival of your family, but what kind of future will they get if you don’t also plan for the part that comes AFTER the SHTF. Are you the type who’s secretly longing for the looting and shooting, or are you the type to step up and do what’s right to make a better life post-SHTF?
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