The most important guests we know!

The most important guests we know!

April 28, 2014 Family Preppers We Grow Ours 0

The most important guests we know!
Hosts: Nick & Don “We Grow Ours”

guests We Grow Ours 150x150This week we have the most important guests of ALL TIME on the show! Who are the VIP’s that are in studio with us? Well, lets start by saying that without them WeGrowOurs would not exist! Without these two amazing people, Nick and Don would lead sad lonely lives! Have you guessed yet? How about this for a hint..” behind every man is an even better ???” Yup, we bring the wives on the show with us this week.

They are the ones that not only allow us to do this show, but are always pushing us to be better people, better preppers, and better growers. These two special ladies put up with us, all the good and even the bad. Chree is nicks wife, and Angela is Dons.. They were a bit nervous about this, so let’s show them some great support and some great feedback we can forward to the ladies at

guests BS0002 C4054 Girls Night OutThey would love to hear from all of our amazing listeners! We talk a bit about our history, our relationships.. and even give a bit of marital and relationship advice. You can hear them beat up on us a little and tell some pretty funny stories about our prepping and our marriage. This is a great show to get an inside view as to why we share our experience and why we strive to introduce new ideas to our audience about being more self-sustainable and growing your own foods.

Rabbits, Aquaponics, goats.. it really does not matter what you do as long as you do something! With amazing women behind us, we know we can concur the internet and reach as many people as possible. So take a listen and get to know not only Nick and Don, but the beautiful women who push them to be better! Check out the show page for a few pictures as well!
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