November 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

I AM Liberty Catch Up

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I AM Liberty Catch Up
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I AM Liberty Catch UpHey! How’ve you been? We need a catch up show. We have had such tremendous guests on lately and there has been so much to talk about I think its time we slow things down and have some fun. I plan on coming to this show with a decent stack of ideas, articles and updates but I also want the chatroom and our listeners to dictate the direction of this show. Why? Because that’s usually how it goes anyway!

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Imagine we are at a bar and I am the bartender. I would like to just shoot the breeze with you this week and see where we end up. There is plenty in the news and plenty to discuss in all this chaos we call living. Let’s look into it and enjoy ourselves together for a couple hours.

I may bring some literature or philosophy to bear and we can go into that as well. To be frank, I want to do whatever I feel like doing on this show. From start to finish and the beautiful thing is that I have an audience who enjoys that. I am also open to requests on topics as well. Is there something we should explore out there?

We may read from the bible, we may read from my book, we may even talk about my new Christmas book that will be out either this year or next. Most importantly we will discuss about the latest things that are affecting those who are homesteaders, preppers, survivalists and just folks who want to be more self-reliance and independent.

Don’t miss this episode of the I AM Liberty. I do have a few requirements. Bring an open mind, make sure you are prepared for anything and give us your two cents as well. We will be live 9 eastern standard time at

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