How well do you know the Preppers network?

APNRFBicon180x180APN_Shield ad1-150x150How well do you know our network?  How did it all get started, who is responsible and why was it created in the first place?  It may surprise you to know that the Canadian Preppers Network is really an offshoot of the popular American Preppers Network.  This week on The Prepared Canadian, I am proud to bring you my first guest on the show, Tom Martin.

Tom is the founder and CEO of the American Preppers Network.  A long distance trucker by trade, Tom knows all too well about the fragility of the delivery network that brings all the necessities and commodities to the population.  Back in 2008, he teamed up with what is arguably the first prepper network, the Texas Preppers Network and began to form the vast collection of blogs and forums that we have all availed to at one time or another.

Also this week, I have another editorial for you where I’ll give you my perspective on how the “AWKI” has been dropped from “TEOTWAWKI”, and what we should be concentrating on to keep the prepper mindset on track.

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