August 15, 2022


Self reliance and independence

How to Win the New Game w/ I AM Liberty

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Pepper broadcasting network. We have to hit the reset button, create a true culture of preparedness, starting at a very young age and still train all the way up.

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I am Liberty live couple of minutes late. I do apologize for those of you who are wondering why is the man late? I was throwing together a quick video. It was a quick pre show for the members. I like these little pre shows. I got to get a little more honest with them to be quite honest with you. I got to get a little more regular with them, but I do like these little pre shows.

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There’s a story. There’s a story in this pre-show video that I’ll drop tomorrow morning that no one really knows about something that happened this weekend. That I’ll probably touch on later. Cause I got some great video of it and that type of thing, but it, it was a hell of a weekend, not in a good way. So welcome into the, I am Liberty show. This is a prepping program. This is a different kind of woke.

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If you will. If, if Dave will allow me that turn of phrase prepping, it is a different kind of woke. Can I, I fell in love with that. When Dave sent it to me, go to prepper You can get a little tee shirt with that up on it because yeah, I just ran with it. I ran with my passions on that one. So how to play the new game, how to win the new game is the subject today. This is going to be basically an intro.

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This is basically going to be an intro for the continuity meeting. All right. The continuity we’ll be meeting Monday, which is the 24th of August at 8:00 PM. We’ll be meeting in the continuity room here at element. So if you’re a member and you haven’t gotten to element yet, you got to get in here, we’ll be meeting in the continuity room. Dave Jones has got something for us. We’ll go through our opening ceremonies, any new, any new hopeful rogues, the crowd will be admitted and we’ll move on from there.

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We’ve got a lot of stuff to talk about, but this is kind of the intro to the bulk of what that meeting is going to be about. It’s going to be focusing on the new game, focusing on kind of, you know, understanding what, what it is, what, what is coming together in front of our very eyes, no need to be caught off guard, no need to be in a position where all of a sudden you’re surprised about things. There is a new game of foot and it’s an interesting one. It is a very interesting one on the subject of state level collapse.

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I have an article for you today out of the New York post written by a freelancer James alter alter. I heard this article read on Glenn Beck. I’ll be as transparent as possible. It was a YouTube video with Glenn on there, but long story short, it’s a state level collapsed story. Entitled New York is dead forever. And here’s why. And I think it’s, it’s a very telling article about what I think is going to happen to cities all over this nation.

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I really do. I really believe that we are, we’re headed for, for dead cities, 20, 20, 20, 21 in particular, the year of the dead city. But again, it’s not all bad news just is what it is. Chat room filling up over at element. I see all the familiar faces are upon us. Very nice. Good to be here. I could tell you that much. There was a part of me today. Something about the Monday shows make me want to take off on Wednesday.

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I don’t know what it is, but it was one of those moments where I was definitely sitting here going, Oh, you know what? Maybe I’ll, you know, do me a little rerun show that type of thing. But you know, I just can’t bring myself to do it. That’s all there is to it. I just, yeah, there’s so much going on all the time. You get excited, you hear it, you read it. You want to bring it to the PBN family. So how to win the new game, how to play the new game. What is the new game?

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Right? Well, the idea behind the new game, it’s not new. I heard a quote from Jordan Peterson probably a year or two ago. And he was talking about wind from the dope farm is upon us. So glad to have you back. My man, anyhow, Jordan Peterson was quoted saying the following on the subject of society, civility in general.

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And it’s kind of one of the quotes that, you know, brought me here to this show, to this idea. You said when enough and I’m paraphrasing, I don’t know exactly what the quote is, but it was something along the lines of when enough young people can not win at the game. Then they just flip the table over and start their own game. And it looks, it looks to me like we’re either at that point or getting real close to that point, it looks like we’re getting real close to the point when the table is flipped over.

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You can’t say it’s quite there yet because you know, the big money is still making money, hand over fist. But I think what needs to happen in our societies, we need to redefine winning somebody, defined winning for us along the way, marketing companies, more ad agencies, for sure, defined winning for us in life. And I think it has a lot to do. I think it has a lot to do with why we are where we are as a nation.

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And what I see, what I see is what you see when it comes to winning. What does winning mean in America? What does winning mean in the United States of America? What Corvette, mansions women, right? All these things winning is it’s a weird and bastardized concept. And I think for most people it’s, it’s out of reach, but the uniqueness of the times is that it’s not only, Oh, chin says we got 21.

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People signed up into live chat, black check, all right, nobody else is allowed to sign in for live chat. We’re tapped out, forget it. You’re not welcome. The uniqueness of the times is such that sure not everyone’s going to obtain this, this version of winning, but almost everyone has to endure the other winners, right? It’s splattered everywhere.

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It’s on your social media. It’s on the magazine wreck. It’s on the billboards. It’s on the television everywhere you go, someone else’s winning and you’re not everywhere you go. Someone has the car you want, but you don’t everywhere you go. Someone has the woman you want, but you got nothing everywhere. Everywhere is this weird definition of winning strange.

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But the great thing about it folks is that we have the ability to redefine winning don’t we now, because I know a lot of winners out there, man. I know a lot of winners out there who are on the sides of cliffs, simple little house, simple family, loving life. They figured it out. They’d beat the system. Well, you could say the same about your Intrepid commander, really, to be quite honest. You know, if you saw my car on the highway, you’d be like, if you saw my in my house on a cover of a bag scene, you’d be asking, why did they put that thing on the cover of a magazine?

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We can redefine winning, but we’ve got to redefine the game. And the game is in the process of change. The game is in the process of changing as we speak. So what kinds of things do we need? Let’s say we want to remake the game ourselves and we’re going to talk about the game. And I don’t think you’re going to be that surprised in much of it. But look, we need a challenging game. Okay? The game has to be challenging to some degree or else people won’t play it and we’ll have the same problem.

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All right, right now it’s too hard right now. For most people. That game is too hard. I’m not necessarily well to win. The game seems too hard. The game of life, right? So the youth are in the streets all over the world. They’re in the streets and they’re ready to flip the card table over. They’re ready to say new game. We’re not playing the shitty game anymore. We’re going to make our own game. It’s called the government, gives me all the money. It’s called no more prisons.

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It’s called a no more, no more personal property. It’s called I live where I want to live. Right? Because you have children trying to make the game up. Now where we’re at right now as a world is we have children trying to remake the game because the children have been brainwashed into believing that they should have their Corvette in their mansion already. They went to college, mom and dad said, go to college and you’ll be rich. Like me. I went to college, you know, they get, they got out and what are they doing? They’re working at the carwash.

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They’re not working at all. Mom’s paying the rent. So they’re saying this game, this game is rigged. It’s Jeff Bezos fault. We need to flip the table over. We need a new game. The only way we can do that is we get in the streets and set cars on fire, such as the state of affairs in the nation. But if we’re going to remake a new, new, new game as rational adults, right? If we’re going to make a new game as rational adults, and we have to look at it and we have to say, we need a game to be challenging.

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The game has to be challenging. You can’t win every time. The problem with the little kids game in the streets is that they want to win every time they want everybody who, who wakes up in the morning, whether they work 50 hours, there’s zero hours. Yeah. They want to win. They want to be, they want the Corvette and they want the mansion. They don’t want to say they want it. Cause that would be frowned upon in their circles. But they know they want it. Me. Grey’s never got a trophy before.

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All I can tell you, buddy is don’t let me find a businessman with a gas mask on for sale. In fact, Chin’s probably searching it already because I’ll ship one day. But anyhow, so the game has to be challenging, right? You have to struggle to win at it. You cannot win all the time, but there are levels to winning. And I think that’s what this society is missing. We have to have what levels to winning in this game, right?

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Give me, you can get by. You can be happy. It’s a big deal because this game is taking form right before our eyes, right before our eyes taking form. And it’d be quite honest with you, preppers. I do believe that we have the ability to manipulate and redefine what winning looks like. I think we’re already playing a hand in it. I think each and every one of you who is freeze drying food each and every one of you who is a living, a more self reliant and independent lifestyle with gardens, with chickens, with solar, with all of it.

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Maybe even firearms. I believe you redefining winning. I believe with the children and the happy little family and the simplicity of it all. And the fact that you’re not working chasing money, chasing figures, chasing commas. Yeah. You’re redefining winning the tiny house. The homestead redefining winning. That’s big. I mean, that’s big right now because if we have the ability, if we have the ability to redefine winning and presented in such a way, and I mean it’s society not you, me and you know, the rest of the members or listeners or whoever.

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But if we add the ability to redefine winning in the nation, then we can stop it from falling into complete and total chaos. Then we could stop it from turning into a total nightmare. Cause we’re close folks. The water is arising. This next thing I want to tell you about tonight is something that’s probably gonna make you sick or, or nervous or anxious or angry, or maybe even think less of me.

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I don’t know. I don’t know, but I want to tell you about it because it’s something that popped into my head as a common sense solution for communities and neighborhoods and safety and security. But I don’t know, you know, I, I really don’t know how you guys are going to take it. So give me your 2 cents. I was going to open the show with this, but I, you know, sometimes the show just goes where it wants to go hired contracted security in your community, a neighborhood.

1 (15m 25s):
Now just, I look at everything. I look at everything. I look at the way, rich people, mighty people, influential people, manage safety and security around their homes. They do it with guys with guns, right? They do it with contracted security. So not everybody not everybody’s going to fall into living on the fault, says black water.

1 (15m 57s):
Not necessarily what I mean, but I thought it was. I thought somebody would go down that rabbit hole too, which is fine. Not everybody’s going to have a cohesive community right off the bat. Not everybody’s going to have a community full of people that say, they’re going to go. They’re going to go hold the line. Right? God bless you if you do. But even if you do, even if you have a community great, well-armed, well-trained lots of good conversation about what might happen.

1 (16m 30s):
You’re going to want a night off. Right? You don’t have that many people. How many people you got, you got hundreds of people. You can cycle out through a 24, seven security shifts. Maybe you do. If you do, God bless you. Okay. You’re going to, you’re most likely going to want a little something else, a little backup, a little something. Right? Think about it. Do some research, look around your local area and see who’s available and what they do and who they’re made up of.

1 (17m 4s):
Are they trustworthy? Who do they, who do they, who is hired them as security agents in their recent past. That type of thing. This is one of those ideas, PBN family, where if you get in early, you might be able to get something. Okay? But if you wait till it’s it’s a month in and people are shooting guns in every neighborhood, in your city or in your town or in your community, you’re not going to be able to find anybody who’s going to come out and watch your neighborhood.

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And the reason is because other people have already gone to thought about it. They’re rich. Parents are gonna say, you need Tommy and his friends to come to your neighborhood. They watch the house for us. The time they sit up at the front Gates, because these people already have security. Now I’m sure contract I’d have done no research on this. Okay? Outside of just thinking and looking and seeing where, where other, who else uses, you know, hired security. But I have to imagine if you’ve got a neighborhood of 20, 50, a hundred homes, you have the ability to throw money into a pool and pay a high quality security outfit to cover your house at night.

1 (18m 31s):
Think about it. Folks I’m telling you think about it. If you find yourself in a situation or if you know your nearest city where it’s going to be a problem, listen, I’m, I’m near a city where it’s going to be a problem. I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s true. Actually. We don’t have that many people around us. We don’t have that many people around us, but we have got a lot of people who are protesting.

1 (19m 2s):
We’ve got a lot of people who want things. The interesting thing about a lot of these protests go though is in an SHTF scenario, a real one. A lot of these grievances go away. Right? Think about it yesterday. We had four separate protests, four separate post protests in downtown Richmond. And they were all close to each other, which is amazing.

1 (19m 32s):
Nobody, nobody did anything. We had something I probably should have attended, but it wasn’t well organized. And I knew that there was a, a co-opted protest that was budding up against it in the same area. But we had a second amendment rights stop trying to over throw nonsense. You know, one of those things are weird in Virginia with guns right now, you know, the big push here in Virginia right now with firearms.

1 (20m 10s):
Law is we’re all fighting for counties. We’re all fighting. So that localities don’t get to make their own gun laws. Some good guys lined up, walked yesterday for that. Cause people are, do rent their back, do on rent. And there was a protest about that.

1 (20m 43s):
I might’ve been able to get on board with that considering the situation maybe until I read that one of the protestors said eviction is violence. And that’s when I that’s when I said, okay, tell me more about these other protests. Cause this one is silly. Eviction is violence. Very interesting. Okay. Yes. Eviction is violence. Now eviction is contractual.

1 (21m 15s):
You signed a contract when you moved in, said, you’d pay the F pay the rent. I almost fell into a, into one of them, big cusses. And it’s not, it’s not serious enough for one of them, big ones. Yet we may get there. Who knows? We had teachers more money, more money for schools. We had that protest going on more money for school.

1 (21m 47s):
They’re not even opening schools, but they want more. Let me repeat that big case. You didn’t hear me. They’re not even opening the schools, but they want more money. And we had a, you know, a T a BLM, something or other equity, equitable thing. I’m losing a grip on all of the demands and everything.

1 (22m 21s):
But I started thinking about it. All I said, look at these four, four groups up here, right? Eviction, second amendment, huge. What else did I say? Oh, more money for schools. And, and the, whatever the list of demands is from BLM. At the moment, defund police get rid of prison, criminals in the streets. All drugs are free. You can call yourself whatever you want. If you want to be an owl today, you can. If you want to be a hippopotamus tomorrow, that’s fine.

1 (22m 53s):
You know, your, your job can never fire you and your landlord can never evict you. And you know, you just do pretty much exactly what you want every day until you realize you’ve created an absolute nightmare where you’re not held accountable for anything, and you’re not tested by anything. And there is no adversity in your life. So then you hurl yourself off of the Benjamin Harrison bridge and yeah, that’s the utopian society in a nutshell that that BLM seems to be after.

1 (23m 24s):
So I’ve been, I’ve been trying to tell myself, James, I don’t say James to myself, Jim, relax. Let’s not be so critical. Let’s not be so political. Okay. Not because I care whether or not people are gonna listen and like me, but because I feel like you guys probably a rest of the political by the time hump day rolls around 9:25 PM. What I’m getting at DOE is if it all comes down, baby, if it all comes down, then money for schools, right?

1 (24m 10s):
Money for schools. No, no. Don’t have to worry about it. Governments are collapsed. So nobody’s going to take your guns unless they do so by force, there’s no more government to come around and say, Hey, we’re going to write a new law that says you can’t have that kind of magazine or you can’t. I have that kind of barrel. Or you can’t have that short of a NA eviction. You’re worried about eviction. Oh yeah. Well, you know, let it all hit the fan.

1 (24m 41s):
You won’t be worried about eviction anymore. No landlord to come tell you, you gotta get out. No. Cause the landlord smart and he’ll have left the city a long time ago. What? You’ll have to deal with it. The guy that decides to show up and rape your girlfriend and kill you and take your apartment. No biggie, right? No biggie. What else? BLM, BLM. You know, you don’t, you all, you don’t have to worry about racism. There’s no more racism and SHTF, you don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to worry about cops pulling you over and people not hiring you because of melanin.

1 (25m 14s):
None. That none, it’s all good. Just be survival of the fittest. How many crunches can you do? How far can you run when someone’s chasing you and firing bullets at the ground around your feet? You know, there’s, there’s very real purity and physical pursuits. You know what I mean? It gets real, real pure. When it all comes down to the physical, it doesn’t have a lot to do anymore with skin color in the likes.

1 (25m 47s):
So, you know, when you’re running for your life or you, you know, the whole thing, it sounds crazy. You probably think your neighbors would laugh at you. You probably think it’s, you know, wouldn’t go over. Well, wouldn’t do this or wouldn’t do that. But I can almost guarantee you folks, if things keep going, if things keep going this way in this direction and we get closer and closer, we get closer and closer to the table being flipped over the game.

1 (26m 23s):
Being totally flipped. All I can tell you is this. You might be saying, man, I really wish I really wish I had hired some damn security. Think about it. Talk to some people. Talk to your spouse. Are we crazy, honey, honey, are we nuts? I’m talking to the security guys. No, I don’t want them to come check the house out and tell me where I need to put the ring doorbell.

1 (26m 54s):
I want them to look at the cold, the sack. I want them to go up and look at how you get into this neighborhood. And I want them to have men at posts at nighttime. And then I want to pull money from all of our crazy ass neighbors and make it happen. I know, I know. I know. Think about it for me. What’d ya? That’s all I ask. Just put some thought to it. Let’s do some announcements real quick and we’ll get back to how to play the game.

1 (27m 26s):
How to beat the game, how to win the game. I want to talk about new investments. I have one, two, three, four, five, six new investments because stocks and bonds are a they’re on our way out. If you ask me stocks and bonds are not where you want to put your money based on almost everything I’m looking at, reading people I’m talking to. So when you think about investments, the game is changing.

1 (27m 60s):
Okay? So this week’s episode of the EPC episode, not episode, I apologize this week, the EPC we’re at week 43 of the election preparedness campaign almost a year ago, we sent out the first email for the election preparedness campaign. I think it was about water. Hard for me to remember, but I can look it up. We sent out the first email me said, yo, just going to get crazy.

1 (28m 30s):
Okay. Listen to what I have to say for the next 52 weeks. It’s a big deal. And here we are, 43 weeks in 43 weeks in now I was inspired this week by Michael Klein. I’m going to be honest with you. I was inspired by Michael Klein this week at the, the idea of real and honest evaluation. And I think we are at a point right now where it is probably one of the most beneficial things you can do is to sit down, look over yourself, look over your skills, look over your location, look over your situations and be real honest about where you’re at.

1 (29m 18s):
Because as I said earlier, the tide is rising. The waters are rising. We only have so much time. If you were building a boat, you wouldn’t be able to build a carnival cruise liner in the time you have, right? So you gotta be real about that. What can you build? What are you, what can you be? So the EPC that went out in the newsletter today offered up, I don’t know, 10, 12 questions to ask yourself. Now, I also said in the EPC that don’t just ask yourself, but have a couple people around you.

1 (29m 52s):
They may need a couple of beers in them to be dead honest, okay. To be dead. Living on a fault, says we’re in a John boat over here, over here, we’re in a John boat and it’s already sprung a leak. So ask these questions, be honest and get some people there who will call you on your bullshit. So that way, that way, if you say to yourself, Oh yeah, I’m a hundred percent on this.

1 (30m 23s):
You will get a side-eye from somebody, one of your buddies, right? One of your buddies, who’s deep into Jack Daniel’s and he’ll say, let’s be honest about where you’re at with this. You know what I mean? That’s a big deal. That’s where you want to be right now. That’s the kind of input you want right now. You may not want to do it with your wife or with your husband and AC. Oh yeah, honey. You’re so good. You know, that’s not the kind of input you need onward to the announcements. More of the announce element element element.

1 (30m 53s):
If you’re within the sound of my voice and you’re not in the live chat, you are truly missing out. Okay? If you’re not in the EOC, the new EOC. Yes, we were shut down. We were shut down. We were silenced by one of the big tech players. What was it called? I forget what it’s called already starts with a D discord. We weren’t allowed to have our discord on discord. Funny enough. So we decided to, to find something different, do something different and, and chin and Michael Klein.

1 (31m 27s):
Those guys really took the, kind of took the lead on this thing and found this new program, figured it out. And now we’re all on here. We’re all having a ball. We’re all having a ball over here at element. It’s a, it’s a great spot. There’s a little more to the intro. There’s a little more to set up. We get to keep all of our live chats. They don’t disappear like they used to on rise and we’re going to be posting membership content through the element app so that you’ll get notifications of membership content.

1 (32m 2s):
And we’re also hosting our secret society. The continuity here on element as well. So If you’re into the prepper broadcasting network, please come on. You won’t be able to take, take advantage of all the benefits if you’re not a member. Right? So membership is another big piece of the puzzle. Membership is You come over to the website, you have a few different kinds of options there for which level of membership you want to take on.

1 (32m 46s):
Hang on a second. Okay. My, I was 99%. Certain. My wife came in, came in the door, but my son was calling down the steps and nobody was answering. I thought we were about to drop into Def con two for a second. Live on the air. Sam is with us. So, check it out.

1 (33m 18s):
One final announcement about the continuity this week or next week, Monday the 24th. We’re going to expand on this idea of how to play the game. Dave Jones, the NBC D guy is going to drop five levels of preparedness on us. Dave, I did not read your email yet. I will get there. My man, I promise. And if you haven’t been in new to the continuity meeting, yet this will be meeting to it is very goofy and a very good time and a great way to spend your Monday night.

1 (33m 50s):
I hope to see you there. If you’re a member, all members get access to the continuity and yeah, please come join us. Now. Word on the street is a prepper camp is sold out. I think chin broke that. Oh yes, yes, yes. Michael Klein. Great, great point. If you are new to the continuity and this is your first experience, you will need cookies because we do something called the three cookie ceremony.

1 (34m 25s):
Now three cookies is a lot, so I wouldn’t recommend bringing big cookies unless you’re a powerhouse cookie eater. Okay. If you are be my guest, but we do something for the new rogues that join our ranks called the three cookie ceremony. You will need three cookies. All that said word on the street is prepper campus sold out Monday night. We were all kvetch about the fact that prepper camp was still not sold out. We couldn’t believe it.

1 (34m 55s):
So I think chin dropped a drop the little number in my ear that prepper camp is officially locked up for the year. Okay. August 19th. So it’s two months away, right? No one month away basically. And yeah, that’s it. That’s it. If you ain’t getting in you, ain’t getting in at this point. I also want to talk one more final announcement. I want to talk about pod scribe.

1 (35m 27s):
Okay. Cause they’re giving us a great deal. Pod scribe transcript transcribes our podcasts for us. Okay. True. And that’s a very big deal because that is membership content. That is a membership, a perk. Okay. Now we transcribe, we take the copy transcribed podcasts and we post them up on the website and it has done wonders for traffic to prep, abroad, and also our archives.

1 (35m 57s):
Love it. Okay. But thanks to pod scribe. Our members get a searchable pods of searchable, transcribed podcasts that allows them to type in a single word and it’ll take them directly to that port or the part that port, that part of the podcast. That’s astounding to me, man. I use it. I’m not going to lie. It’s a little thing that I use pretty regularly when listening to our shows, you know, because I, I listened to all the PBN shows while I work and things go by that I miss.

1 (36m 33s):
And as things go by that stick in my head. And when I want to go back and listen to them, I just searched that word solar, right, Utah, whatever the word is that triggered a story or a something that I wanted to hear about pod scribe. Thank you. Thank you guys. If you’re podcasting, if you know anybody who’s podcasting and wants to get into that transcription business, tell them about pod scribe for me. I’ll tell them about pod scribe for me.

1 (37m 4s):
So let’s do a little, I’m going to grab the tele, take a sip of water and get ready to go into these investments in the new game. What I’m going to do for you guys is a little star Spangled banner. And I get the other, the other songs about the same length and who doesn’t want to hear a little banner. Okay? Who doesn’t want to hear a little band or wind from the dope farm podcast. We’ll be at prepper camp. I can’t wait to see you around to when I had a great time with you.

1 (37m 38s):
Alright, so let’s mute this microphone. Take a quick bake break and I’ll be back right after this.

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1 (39m 4s):
It’s a telling little piece of the podcast. Is it not? There’s a whole swath of people in our nation that will turn the show off just because I ran that. Isn’t that a weird thing? Isn’t that a strange thing? That there’s a whole, a whole collection of people that would say, you know, you had me until yeah. Had me until the rockets. It is a beautiful thing. Nomi Michael Klein, you’re a hundred percent, right?

1 (39m 34s):
That is a it’s woven into us in many ways. It feels like, right. So tonight on the, I am Liberty show, you said it, you said it MK loud and clear. That’s the next t-shirt by the way, how to play the game, how to win the new game. The new game, the new game is upon us. Right? For a long time, we’ve been, we’ve been considering playing a game that is all about the amassing wealth and weird resources that we don’t even really like or want.

1 (40m 18s):
Right? It’s like we don’t become millionaires and blow it on a gigantic bunker. That’ll help us through something. No, we spend the same amount of money we would on a gigantic, fully stock bunker or a, or a bug out location. We spend that money on a car with doors that go up instead of out, we’ve had success. We’ve won. We won. We re we, we won in this crazy game. Well, the wealth of the most wealthy people in the world has gone up almost exponentially over the last few months.

1 (40m 57s):
And when I look at something like that, to me, it looks like, I don’t know, it looks like a cash out job. It looks like a cash out job to me. And that’s just how it goes. When things come to an end, you cash out. The smart money sells their stocks and they get out and they had for New Zealand or whatever, they got planned. Silicone Valley empties out. Let’s talk about New York.

1 (41m 27s):
Let me bring up this article. It’s a great one. It’s a phenomenal little article. Yeah, I got it. Yeah. Here we go. I do my show notes in Excel and you know, it’s X. So let’s have a look here because as we talk about this new game, it’s important. Understand what’s happening in the biggest city that has played the game that has played the game.

1 (42m 1s):
The strongest, right? Every subculture I loved was in NYC, played chess all day and night. I could go to comedy clubs. I could start any type of business. I could meet people. I had family, friends opportunities, no matter what happened to me, New York city was a net I could fall back on and bounce back up. Now it’s completely dead. But NYC always, always bounces back. No, not this time.

1 (42m 32s):
But NYC is the center of the financial universe. Opportunities will flourish here again at this time, NYC has experienced worse. No, it hasn’t a Facebook group into the unknown formed a few weeks ago. That was for people who were planning a move and wanted others to talk and ask advice from within two or three days, it had about 10,000 members.

1 (43m 3s):
Every day. I see more posts I’ve been in NYC forever. This is a quote I’ve been in NYC forever. But I guess this time I have to say goodbye. I’ve been screenshotting them for my scrapbook. Three of the most important reasons to move to New York city and business opportunities, culture and food, commercial estate and colleges are also suffering. And of course friends, but of everything I say below is even one 10th of what I think.

1 (43m 39s):
Then there won’t be as many opportunities to make friends. He goes on to explain, this is a guy who lived in New York city. You know, I can say, Oh, New York city is going to collapse from outside. Looking in. He says, in fact, they realize they’re even more productive without everyone back to the office. The time life building can handle 8,000 workers. Now it may be as 500 workers back. He talks about the death of work in an office setting in the high rise, because working from home is better for the employee.

1 (44m 18s):
They say, and they’re more productive at home. Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t know if I buy that part of it. You know, to be quite honest with you. I think working from home is a bit of a fad. I really do for most people. I think there are people. I think there are people who are good at working at home alone. They’re good at it. I think there are people who are good at juggling their family and working at home too. And I also think that there’s a bunch of people who work best in an office, but he goes on to explain how these things will affect, you know, all, all types of things.

1 (45m 1s):
And it goes on into compared to the seventies. When the eighties, when NYC was going bankrupt crime, he goes to talk about nine 11 and he can’t get away from the fact that this mass Exodus is changing New York forever. It’s a very interesting article. He talks about the, you just legions of empty restaurants, boarded up shops.

1 (45m 31s):
There are thousands of performers, producers, artists, entire ecosystem of art, theater, production, and curation that surrounds these cultural centers. People who have worked all of their lives for the right to be able to perform even once on abroad on Broadway whose lives and careers have been put on hold. But the question now is what happens next. And given the uncertainty, since there is no known answer and given the fact that people cities, economies low, the uncertainty, we simply don’t know the answer.

1 (46m 3s):
And that’s a very bad thing for New York city. Broadway’s closed at least until 2021. So, you know, these, these vestiges of, of NYC are coming apart. But the crazy thing about it is it a moment like this New York, city’s also living through very real wr ROL.

1 (46m 34s):
I may have you talk. We as preppers, we talk about WRL. You know what I mean? When you say defund the police and you talk about living in a w ROL situation, a world without rule of law, take a look at what’s happening in New York city. There’s a new game of foot. There’s a new game of foot I’m telling you.

1 (47m 7s):
So what are the new investments in the new game? What are the new investments? I mean, if you came into a large sum of money, would you be bold enough to put it in the stock market at the moment? It’s easy. I’ll give you an easy one right off the top. They’re talking about it in the chat room where com where real estate, I think particularly real estate in nice, popular places, particularly gentrified, right? Used to be a great thing, right? Close to the city and new up and coming area.

1 (47m 41s):
I think a new investment for the new game that we’re playing or we’ll be playing soon will be roll land. Who’s got the land who’s in this customizable society. Do you think people coming out of New York city coming out of Chicago, coming out of all the major metropolitan areas and even some of the suburbs are going to say, yeah, I want to go live in that house over there. That somebody else lived in and designed, no people are going to want their own little plot of land and their own little custom built home.

1 (48m 19s):
Samantha and Chad says, people are buying houses around your site unseen. You know, I’ve heard that. I’ve heard that in several places. That is a great point. That is a great counterpoint because I’ve heard about that in several, several places. I guess the DNC thing is on Hillary’s talking. I can’t even imagine watching Hillary Clinton talk by choice. I just can’t even fathom it.

1 (48m 49s):
I can’t even figure out a situation where I’d sit myself in front of a television set and watch her talk and be like, this is good. This is what I want to do with my time new investments. Okay? How to play the new game, how to win the new game. I know you don’t want to hear it because I say it and we say it, and everybody says it. But if you’re going to invest your money in something now is the time to invest in longterm food, storage, food, food, food, food.

1 (49m 24s):
I’m telling you right now, the Chinese and the Russians they’re busy, right? They’re busy figuring out how to devalue the U S dollar. We’re doing our own, you know, we’re we’re well, along the way in our due diligence of trying to devalue the dollar to nothing. And when, if, and when that happens. And I think that will happen eventually that food that you have bucketed up, man, that is going to be of the utmost value.

1 (49m 55s):
There are going to be people who will give you everything they have for some food. That’s just how it goes. Unless of course we can redefine the game and convince people that they should, you know, spend a little more time, figuring out how to feed themselves outside of the market, new investments. What do we want to go next? I got cheese, broccoli, strawberries, and cauliflower, and holding, waiting to be freeze dried.

1 (50m 27s):
Michael is on the, on the war path. He’s going to mess up and freeze dry. A pet seeds. Seeds are an investment telling you right now. Do you remember what happened with seeds just a few months ago? What about silver now? I wouldn’t recommend buying silver right now. Cause last I checked. It was pretty high. Well, who knows? I haven’t checked it in about a week. It could be back down again. But a silver, silver was pretty low.

1 (50m 58s):
A few months ago. It’ll get low again. And when it does, it’s an investment. I’m not a big fan of buying gold to be quite honest with it. I’ve never have been it’s too valuable. Follow me on that for a minute. Gold is too valuable. It is very much impractical. I mean, if you, if, if your reason for buying precious metals is to hedge against the U S dollar that falls apart, right?

1 (51m 30s):
And you have yourself, a nice, healthy quarter ounce of gold. I got myself a gold coin, little guy, quarter ounce, quarter ounce of gold. That little, that little gold coin might be worth 200, $300 or more, depending on the price of gold in an SHTF situation where the us dollar is collapsed. Do you think people are going to be running around with change?

1 (51m 60s):
Do you think you think they’re going to break your they’re going to break your quarter ounce gold coin for you, or do you think whatever you need from them? All of a sudden costs one quarter rounds, gold coin, and you just get screwed out of the rest of the money. That’s why Silver’s always had appeal to me because it makes sense. It makes sense. You can get a $15 increment of silver or less even, you know, I’m a big pan, a big fan of it.

1 (52m 34s):
Other, other new investments off grid, energy, investing in how your home is powered. It’s an investment in the new game. What about education? What about education? Think about that. Investing in education is massive. Why? If you have educational materials, if you have experience in education, not only can you teach your kids, but when the next crisis comes along and they try to yank the kids out of school, or maybe the kids never go back to school, who knows?

1 (53m 12s):
I know there’s a, I know up in Oregon, kids went back to school and everybody’s watching it with bated breath to see all the kids get sick and die and the teachers too. But there’s a chance that it goes well, right? But there’s also a chance you live in a wacky state where they never let the kids go back to school, who knows an investment in education materials, man. So these are some examples of, of new investments investments for the new game, ways to win in the new game, food seeds, silver raw land, off-grid energy education.

1 (53m 50s):
You got the power to educate other people’s kids. Then all of a sudden you’re going to have money. All of a sudden, you’re going to be able to do something that people will pay you to do. And my father has been telling me for a long time, he thinks that school is going to be a thing of the past. Well, schooling, state schooling, I guess let’s put it that way. So what else, what else do we got on this Eve?

1 (54m 21s):
Did I hit everything already? I did want to go over the three steps for creating cohesive, cohesive community. For those of you out there who are hungry for that, they’re very simple steps, but they’re important. And at a time like this they’re more important than ever. Our EPC a couple of weeks ago was a, was a, a letter that I wrote out with blank spaces, for name and date and all that kind of stuff that you could pirate.

1 (54m 51s):
I was giving it away really. And it would give you the ability to cut, to communicate with your community members and establish a meeting. You know, now is the time to establish a meeting and a meeting time and a location and just see what happens. So in other words now is the time that you decide we’re going to meet up at the park this Sunday at this time, and that’s what’s going down.

1 (55m 24s):
And whoever wants to talk about community security and safety, meet me there. Now there are steps that you can take outside of that meeting also just to bring people together, to make people more comfortable. And that has to do with three, three things that you can do in your community. The first one being the most important in my estimation, I gotta lower this seed here. When I first started thinking about our divisive nation, when I first started thinking about our nation of scared and insecure people, scared and insecure and divided neighbors, neighbors who were afraid of rejection.

1 (56m 11s):
I thought, what is the one thing that almost everyone can agree with? What is the one thing that, that you would have to really find a real gremlin, a real goal to not get on board with? And that’s where we came up with the idea of the community garden. The community garden is step one because almost no one can say no to it. And it’s your first group. It’s the first group of people you gather in your community, create your little community garden group.

1 (56m 52s):
You start your little project, you get your little email group going. And from there, from there, everything opens up, right? Whatever communications network you’re using, you start to add to it. We want a little planning group. We want a little, you know, start making groups for each street, each street. Okay. Are you feeling lucky? And Chad tells me we’re missing Nancy. Polosi live on DNC.

1 (57m 23s):
Now another, another torture session, Sam and Chad said, she’s made a pledge to practice shooting more. I like it. I like it. So step number two, number one, start your community garden. Build a small cohesive group that works on the community garden. Step two, build on that group through a communications network. We use next door.

1 (57m 54s):
You can make an email group. You can use something better, something. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter to me start making groups of people, everybody on my block. This is the my blog group. We communicate about issues on my block, right? This is the neighborhood as a whole. Come join us. Tell us all about your groupings and your, what you love about the neighborhood and hate about it. Tell us if you see anything crazy going on and before you know it, it’ll be filled with people communicating about your neighborhood and that’s exactly what you want.

1 (58m 27s):
So I’m kind of communication method. So that of crazy stuff happens. You, you at least have one way to alert people and that could go a long way. I missed that last question. Was that a question for me? Or was that a chat room question? Okay, good. Finally, you want to get into the, the world of the community. Watch you want to get into the world of the community, watch and make sure that there’s at least a collection of people who are concerned about cars, driving into the neighborhood, strange people walking about the whole thing.

1 (59m 10s):
And that stuff tends to take care of itself to be quite honest, unless you want a truly vigilant group to walk around your community. But I don’t even know if I’d recommend that unless you’re in a, where there is threat of violence, because putting yourself out there, it’s not so much about putting yourself out there. It’s about putting yourself out there in a, in a less than 100% capacity, right? Like we just walked the neighborhood with flashlights, looking for trouble, kind of, but we don’t really want to find any trouble.

1 (59m 41s):
A lot of times you wind up finding trouble and you’re not really fully prepared for it. As opposed to saying, you know, we are the community watch post-election and we spend X amount of time at X amount at X location with X gear. And this is what we do. So if you can establish those three things, it’s very short time to do it in a weird time of the year to start. But community garden, neighborhood communications, method, neighborhood watch, I’m telling you, you will have the gears spinning.

1 (1h 0m 19s):
You will have the gears spinning in your community and you’ll be grabbing new people all the time. And people are about the most important thing you can have right now, in my opinion, unless you live way, way, way out, you know, if you live way, way, way out, and you’re likely to be untouched by whatever the hell happens, aside from the shortages and those types of things you see. But that’s the weird thing. Isn’t it? You know, even if you live way, way out, you’ve got to come in to some degree for things at a certain point, right?

1 (1h 0m 58s):
I mean, if we’re really talking about it, getting bad, bad, bad, eventually you got to come to town for things and maybe even go further to different towns for things. And I don’t know about you, but I’d like to do that with a coalition. I’d like to do something like that with a caravan, if need be rather than just me. So I do a test that people are probably the most important prep right now.

1 (1h 1m 28s):
You know, as far as things that you need to get, that you don’t have much of ammo, good. Keep buying them or that’s fine. Think about people. Definitely think about people, even if it’s just a handful. You know, if you show up in, in the, in the space of calamity, in the moment of chaos, you show up with four other people and they’re all on the same page and people are coming out of their house going, what do we do?

1 (1h 1m 59s):
What do we do? And it’s you and three other people, and you guys already have a game plan. You’re just going to take rain. So I’m telling you salmon, Chad says, what ammo? I know I just did a video for, for the members late last week. That while it was just an insane ammo purchase that I made, that, that it just blew me away. It really was. Yeah. I mean, the price of the ammo that I bought was insane ships right?

1 (1h 2m 37s):
To the front door, Tony. And there’s no doubt about that, but you’re going to run out of appendages that you have to sell in order to buy it. That’s the problem. Just kidding. All right, folks, I think we’re going to call it tonight. I hope you guys had a good one. Again, we’re going to talk more about the new game, but we’re going to, we’re going to really get into it with the continuity on Monday. What I want you to take away from tonight’s show is pretty simple.

1 (1h 3m 7s):
I think that we’re moving into it into a time where the old ways of winning are going to change. I think we’re moving into a time. I hear you, Tony. We’re going to, we’re moving into a time where the games is preparing to change. You know, for many people it has changed already. You know, there are people in chat right now. Like when Sam, they changed the game already, they redefined winning, you know, they didn’t, it wasn’t let me get to New York city and get on Broadway.

1 (1h 3m 37s):
It wasn’t let me amass as much as I can amass and buy the biggest house I can with the coolest car in the greenest lawn. You know what I’m saying? The game is going to change, but it’s going to change in a bigger way, in a faster way. The good news is I think, yeah, I think we’re prepared for it in many ways. Not completely, you know, there’s always curve balls.

1 (1h 4m 8s):
There’s always curve balls. But I also think that the prepping community, the homesteading community, the simple self-reliant independent community can, can be a part of the wave that redefines winning in the new game. Right? What does winning, supposed to look like? And I think we have a blueprint for that, right? That’s self reliance and independence, adversity and reward is so powerful. It’s so powerful, right?

1 (1h 4m 39s):
To stand before something that you just created on your own property or, or a harvest or a butcher session or whatever it is, these things hold great reward. And I think we can help redefine winning by, by putting those things front and center and letting people understand, Oh, okay, I get it. I get it. This is good. There are other ways to do this. That don’t involve a Maserati, the game boards going over folks.

1 (1h 5m 11s):
I hope you’re ready for it. I hope you’re prepared. As far as that’s concerned. I think that’s about all we have for you on the, I am Liberty show tonight. I’m going to get off early and go watch the DNC convention. Not in a million years. I I’m going to pass out. I’m tired. I’m actually struggling to stay awake as I do the closing to the show. So I thank you very much folks. Again, I’ll have the pre show video up sometime tomorrow.

1 (1h 5m 44s):
You can get the full scoop on what happened to me over the weekend. That was, it was a, it was a game changer and a Bay day, indeed the gunmetal armory tomorrow night. Don’t miss it and get over to Check out the new shirts, the new content. And of course, if you’re not a member, get on the ball. Okay. Membership membership keeps us afloat and keeps you informed.

1 (1h 6m 14s):
All right. It’s James Walton with the, I am Liberty show.

0 (1h 6m 19s):
Thank you for listening to the prepper broadcasting network, where we promote self-reliance and independence tune in tomorrow for another great show and visit

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