How not to get overwhelmed as a new prepper and why you shouldn’t!

timeisrunningout 3-19emptyshelves3-19As a seasoned prepper sometimes we forget just how we felt when we woke up.  With all the new prepper’s that are awakening, I’d like to take a step back in time on this episode of Preparing For Life’s Storms to guide those around us. Think back to when you first felt the tugging of something in the back of your mind leading you to do more research and eventually coming to the conclusion that you must become a prepper.  It may have been as blunt as a hurricane Sandy event, or possibly it was just little things here and there that eventually and gradually led you to where you are at today.  Regardless of the journey, I believe it to be important to remember your roots and by doing so you will be more armed to help other people to come in to the light of what is going on in the world around us and help them get more prepared. Remember how little good you were able to accomplish in the heat of the battle. Why is calm thoughtful prepping a better way to go, than the fill the shelves up fast mentality? What did you do to calm the nerves as you worried time was running out?

So join BexarPrepper Tonight March 19th at 8 pm central time as we talk about how to set your focus as a new prepper to hit the path running. Listen to this show in player below!

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