June 24, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Hoarder or Prepper?
Host: Jacqueline Druga “Apocalypse Nana

11-6-14 end-of-the-world-600x320Have a fun-filled and informative listen to on another installment of Apocalypse Nana this week. Our hostess with the mostest, Apocalypse Nana herself, Jacqueline Druga, will be discussing current events and prepping for the apocalypse versus hoarding with her co-hosts R. W. Clinger and Dominic Bianco Such questions of interest include: What is the difference between the prepper and hoarder? Are preppers actively breaking the law because of their prepping tasks?
What is the psychosis of the prepper when it comes to preparing for Doomsday versus the hoarder and their psychological Doomsday? And who makes a better hoarder and prepper in our personal bunkers, and why?

Hoarder Prepper-300x300Prepping for the end of the world is the act or acts of survivalism, which is a development and interchange of individuals or groups who are actively making ready for earth-shaking events such ice storms, zombie infiltration, plague scenarios, starvation, and interferences in political or social orders. Preppers often acquire emergency self-defense and remedial training, and stockpile food and water, obtaining the status of being self-sufficient. Food is gathered, structures are built, and weaponry are all key factors in being a prepper. Underground shelters, bunkers (bomb shelters), and survival retreats are just a few habitats that the conditioned prepper will reside in during a catastrophe. Preppers establish rational means of survival by collecting protection; hoarders, on the other hand, are quite different.

HoarderA hoarder is often called the pathological and compulsive gatherer. Unlike the prepper, a hoarder suffers from anxiety disorder. Also, a hoarder is not preparing for a world catastrophe and/or crisis. Perhaps mentally he or she is, but not environmentally. A hoarder does not use the theory of survivalism or the biological and mechanical understandings of the survival of the fittest. Other concerns of a hoarder include that they are sometimes clinically diagnosed as suffering from a compulsive-obsessive disorder, and will endanger their own lives by blocking their exits, collapsing shelters, and health-related concerns.

The above concerns will spark the most interesting questions and facts from the Apocalypse Nana Team, which includes:

Apocolyps-nana-Jpic-150x150Hostess, Jacqueline (Jack/Jackie) Druga is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a prolific writer and filmmaker. Her published works include genres of all types, but favors post-apocalypse and apocalypse writing. Currently she is in production of her third full-length feature film in which she has written and is producing. A single mother of four, Jacqueline is also a musician. She resides in a small town outside of Pittsburgh with her family. Of all her accomplishments, Jacqueline is most proud of being a grandmother. Her grandchildren reside with her and are the light of her life. Jacqueline welcomes emails. You can reach her at greatoneas@gmail.com

3 RW Clinger - WarholCo-host, R. W. (Rob) Clinger is a resident of Pittsburgh. He has a degree in English from Point Park University of Pittsburgh. His writing entails gay human studies. His mysteries include The Highwayman andBranding Cowboys. Rob is currently at work on a second serial killer thriller with an apocalyptic theme. His is the author the cowboy series Stocking County Cowboys, the football series Torso Tackle, and the romantic trilogy Barefoot Beach. Rob can be reached at rwclinger.com or through his publisher, JMS Books. Feel free to email him at rwclinger@verizon.net

Also a co-host, Dom Bianco is the author of “The Apparition Saga.” Dominic graduated from Community College of Allegheny County and California University with his BA. He is currently pursuing his MBA. Dominic is extremely close with his family and considers himself lucky to have such a wonderful support system in the form of his family and friends. Dominic is a huge fan of the arts and supports local talent. In addition to writing, he loves drawing, painting and sculpting. One of Dominic’s sculptures was featured on various news outlets. Dom is passionate about improving the quality of life of everyone he meets and urges everyone he encounters to “be a hero.” You can find his novel(s) on Amazon.com
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