October 3, 2022


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Herbal Antibiotics
Host: Cat Ellis “The Herbal Prepper Live

Herbal Antibiotics Herbal Prepper Live150When antibiotics were introduced in the 1940’s, many in the medical world believed that humans had finally conquered bacterial infections. Once serious infections were now treated easily with just a few pills. It was a great achievement of modern medicine.

Herbal Antibiotics GermsBacteria, it turns out, are more resilient than anyone ever expected. They possess unique and efficient methods of adapting, resisting, and communicating that resistance to other bacteria. The bacteria not only develop resistance to one antibiotic, but seem to also anticipate future attacks from different antibiotics. Bacteria are sharing survival information. This has given rise to a so-called, “Superbugs” that resist even the strongest antibiotic drugs known to man.

Antibiotic resistance comes from overuse of antibiotics, as well as low-dose applications of antibiotics. Both conditions run rampant in the Industrial Farming model. Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) could not operate without the use of antibiotics to accommodate for the filth these animals live in, as well as their low-dose use to “fatten” the animals.

Herbal Antibiotics 3-23 CDC E coli public domainSuperbug” bacteria then escape from the CAFOs into the meat and sickening people, and into runoff water where it changes everything from soil to seagulls. If ever there were a solid argument to source your meat from a local, small, family farm that cares about their livestock, or to raise your own, this is it.

And for as incredibly damaging as CAFOs are in creating deadly disease, they still cannot compare to the drug-resistant bacteria concentrations that exist in our modern hospitals. Hospital acquired infections are now the fourth most common cause of death in the US. Yet, few people recognize the level of threat presented here.

Add to this, that most pharmaceutical companies are getting out of the antibiotic business. The profit margin for antibiotics is nearly non-existent. The money spent in research and development on newer generations of antibiotics is not well-recovered, as people will then use the more affordable generic versions.

Herbal Antibiotics Origanum vulgareThe news is not completely negative. There is a ray of hope for those that heed the advice to explore the options available through Herbology and Mycology (fungi/mushrooms) and prepare for a world without pharmaceutical antibiotics. Herbs have unique properties that have developed from existing along side bacteria. Certain plants with strong antibacterial actions have developed ways to shut down the systems of resistance that the bacteria have developed. In this way, certain plants have a distinct advantage over modern medicine in fighting serious bacterial infections.

If you are concerned about infections like MRSA, E. coli, salmonella, bacterial pneumonia, and tuberculosis, and their continued growing drug-resistance, this is the episode for you. Be sure to tune in and listen to learn more about what you should be storing, planting, and making to protect you and your loved ones from drug-resistant bacteria.
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