January 20, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Helping others to understand prepping!

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What to do when others around you scoff at your prepping.
Helping others to understand prepping!
D.J. Cooper “Surviving Dystopia

understandYou’ve just returned from the grocery store and hidden those seven cans of tuna neatly under the bed and in walks your spouse who lets out that sigh you hate to hear. They just don’t understand your need to prepare. How do you handle it? Does it make you or them angry or do you fight over money spent? Do you find yourself being laughed atlike it was some kind of silly hobby? Like a squirrel you find yourself ferriting away little things here and there. But now not only are you hiding your preps from potential invaders but also from those closest to you.

understand 9_scoffersFor some it is hard to imagine a natural disaster happening let alone a man made one. They go about their daily lives with the mindset, “It won’t happen here.” Many in disaster stricken areas even though they had advance warning did not heed that warning and found themselves up, “…the creek with out a paddle.” At the risk of being cliché in using one of the famous euphemisms about such things, it is a basic truth that it does happen.
If you mention to others about being prepared they say, “You’re just paranoid.”

understand images pI would like to talk about ways to help them understand the need to prepare and ways that you can ease the tension of such conversations. Also, it might be good to get insight into what NOT to do in this as well.

It is important that we not be argumentative or alienate others because after all we want them to be involved and have their support.
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Up Next Week: Penny Pinching Projects of Prepping (say that 5 times fast)

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