Prepper Group Jury The Decision?

Prepper Group Jury: The Decision?


Our group has a jury made up of three people who were voted in more than 6 months ago when thirty of us abandoned our homes and arrived at our retreat. Since the disaster that set us back 500 years these three people have settled all arguments and made the decisions that everyone has followed with little disagreement.

Today the two men and one woman that make up our jury have been discussing what to do for better than 6 hours. Taking only two breaks to use the restroom and grab a cup of coffee and still no decisions. The camp is a chatter of argument over what each member of the group feels needed to be done. Robert, Cindy and James are the only three who remain quiet.

JuryJames has been in and out of consciousness all day since the accident when the tent this twelve year old boy was in caught fire. Suffering second and third degree burns over most of his body unconsciousness was maybe a good thing. Robert and Cindy, who are both fifteen years old, remain gagged and tied to the tree after it was discovered what had happened to the morphine and other drugs the camp had in storage.

No one new that Robert and Cindy were having a problem with drugs and helping themselves to the group pharmacy until discoveries were made. What everyone did know was it could be a year maybe longer before more could be available. What was also known was that James odds of surviving his burns were slim to none. The thoughts were more on the order of “How long could they keep him alive”?

Two of the questions before the Jury are: Do we use the remaining medical supplies to treat James, and ease his pain knowing he has almost no chance of survival and die anyway? This of course puts into extreme jeopardy the health and safety of the rest of the group as medical treatment is needed but supplies are not there. Also what is to be done with Robert and Cindy? What punishment is deserving of the two who have put the entire camp in danger having no medical supplies?

This could be real and could involve you. What would you do if you were on that jury? What would your punishment be for Robert and Cindy? What would your decision be for the fate of the other two children? Would your decision be different if James was your child? What if Robert or Cindy were your children?

While there could be many variables to this little story, knowing what we know how would you respond? Share your comments on what would be a horrible scenario but a very plausible on.

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