January 26, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Mutual Assistance Groups!
Host: Tara “Common Sense Prepping”

MAGSCharley Hogwood of P.R.E.P. (Personal Readiness Education Programs) is the featured guest on the next episode of Tara and Common Sense Prepping. Hogwood’s preparedness and tactical training related resume is lengthy, to say the least. In addition to offering extensive and personally detailed survival training courses at his Florida location, he always travels to work directly with his clients.

P.R.E.P. is preparing to launch online (and DVD) training courses to offer their vast array of instructional classes to even more folks. During the Common Sense Prepping radio show, Charley also talks extensively about his recently published book, MAGS – The People Part of Prepping. Hogwood’s book takes readers on a journey to a heightened level of preparedness by examining in great detail the inevitable personality clashes, difficult emotional decision making process, and resource competitiveness which will surely occur during a long-term disaster scenario.

About MAGS [mutual assistance groups] book:

MAGSMAGS is a guide designed to walk you through all the steps required to safely and securely find other people just like you who realize that going it alone in a dark world is not an option. This guide is an instruction manual for the solo survivor and a reference textbook for the established group, regardless of size. By employing the hard learned lessons carefully researched from active groups, and applying sociology, history, law and threat analysis, the survivor will understand what to look for in a group, how to build one from scratch, how to fix one that has become dysfunctional and where to put it in a hurry.”

About Charley Hogwood

Hogwodd was born and raised in Florida and is the resident chief Instructor on emergency preparedness and disaster readiness at P.R.E.P. Charley served more than 15 years in both the US Army and the Florida National Guard. He was an honors student in a class of 436 soldiers at the Leadership Development School in Fort Benning, Georgia, among many other leadership and survival certifications. His experience has been tested on several continents and in many natural disasters.

charley_and_daveDuring his time as a Lead Scout with the 11th Armored Cavalry, U.S. Army, he spent years deployed to Europe honing his skills in reconnaissance, first aid and humanitarian missions. In the aftermath of the Chernobyl incident, he was deployed to monitor the radiation dispersal over much of the fresh food system of Eastern and Western Europe. Large areas of agriculture and livestock were contaminated and had to be destroyed as governments rushed to provide safe food to millions of citizens who were used to having easy access to food. As an active member of the US Army, he was charged with border security operations including planning and participating in patrolling and security operations, rapid reaction deployment and security of several international incidents. He also has experience in radiation detection and chemical warfare among many other tactical and leadership skills.

After returning to the United States, he was in one of the first units of National Guard to be deployed to the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. His unit provided support by establishing relief areas to take care of basic human needs. Charley was also responsible for local security measures, including planning and participation of patrol units, looting prevention and serving as a liaison to local law enforcement to maintain order in a time of chaos and disarray.
As an Infantry Squad Leader with the Florida National Guard, he was qualified as Jungle Expert at the US Army Jungle Survival School during 3 separate tours through the Panama Canal Zone.
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