September 25, 2022


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Three Steps to Create a Prepared Community

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You are not alone. Even though it feels that way, trust me, you are far from alone. Not only are there people all around you but they want to know you. They want to be part of a prepared community.

Listen to “Community in Three Steps with I AM Liberty” on Spreaker.

The big lie is that we are all divided and disconnected. That may be true of our internet personas but in reality, we hunger for interactions with one another. This is real and you know it because you get along with people whose opinions might differ from your own.

Ask yourself: What do you want from a prepared community

You experience the richness of what a human being is in real life. They are more than just a political choice or a social cause.

Those who live near and around you are the ones you want to start getting to know. Its hard work but it’s possible. Let’s look at three steps to get that process rolling.

Community Garden

Because it’s hard to break the ice and get people involved in something, a community garden is a great project. It’s hard to find a person who will turn their nose up at this idea.

Start a small garden group and look for a nice plot where you can have a community garden.


You need a way to communicate amongst neighbors. You should be able to communicate things like:

  • Events
  • Issues
  • Crime
  • Weather
  • Recovery

Check out as they can handle that within this app.

Neighborhood Watch

When it comes to security, that makes all the difference.  A neighborhood must be secure or people will leave. Be sure you can make that happen.

Create a small group to spearhead the watch and get the police involved. From here you can respond to crime when it happens and be effective.

Come Unity; Community

If you are truly interested in healing the nation and taking the driver’s seat in your community, you should read my book Come Unity; Community. It is an exploration of community preparedness as well as a look at the many things that are dividing our nation.

There are takeaways and powerful missions for you to take action on at the end of each chapter

Other Things a Prepared Community Can Do

  • Bulk Purchasing
  • Barter Yard Sale
  • Cleanup
  • Events
  • Disaster Preparedness/Prevention


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