January 23, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The SGK SHOW Gun and Prepper Shows
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below!

The SGK SHOW Gun and Prepper ShowsThere is a growing set of prepper shows that are running around the nation on an annual basis. Chances are there is one coming to a expo center near you. The price to get in is minimal and you will not only be inundated with tons of great products and service you will also meet people. We often forget the most important resource in all of this is people.

Many times, we reserve only the very worst for those people around us. I mean, they are the ones who are going to kill us if the SHFT, right? If you let the world come through your window in that nasty and vile view I can guarantee you will not live a life worth living. Desperate people will do desperate things so the smart move is not to plan on killing the desperate people. Rather, lets figure out now, while we have the world at our feet, how to make less desperate people.

Topics Discuss:

· Prepper Shows

· Great people all around you

· The battle against violence

· America’s integrity problem

Though it may not get mainstream news prepping, self-reliance, homesteading and basic independence is taking off in this country. We experience the great awakening thanks to the internet. Now people are hungry to act. They want to learn the skills many of us posses and create sustainability in their own lives.

It may not be the prepper movement that saves America but there is something in all of this that will. There is a desire deep down that has nothing to do with bullets or gas masks. It has much more to do with being free. It has everything to do with putting the very best foods into your body and feeding your babies all best things. We may not get the credit today but history will smile upon our efforts!
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