Love in society!
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Love in society!Sitting on the eve of Valentine’s I think it’s important that we discuss the power of love in society. What love means to a society and how to preserve it in the tough times ahead. Of course tough times is very subjective but there will be struggles on an individual level as well as

The history of love. Do you know that love has a history? It wasn’t always around. It was an idea /concept that came to be. In my opinion it was an evolution. It took society to a whole new level. It stifled fixed marriages and became another layer between us and the animal kingdom. There are very few things that stand out as a cornerstone in our society. It’s a very interesting history and I would like to discuss it.

Love in society!You might think it a corporate holiday that means nothing but I still enjoy it. I still think it is a very important day to many men and women out there. It nurtures young relationships and it strengthens old ones.

Love and technology. In the ever expanding technological world where satisfaction is at your fingertips what does that mean for society as a whole. Can we be the people we are without love. Are we devolving as well. Our birthrate is certainly on the decline. That is a big story in and of itself.

I am liberty 400x300It’s a love party. We will probably do some poems and some bible. There will be news of the day and I will touch on that too. If you are scared of emotions and too much of a man to join us on this episode of I AM Liberty, well, its your loss. This is a very important topic to me because I have always believed in the power of love and the necessity of nurturing and being nurtured by another human.
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