November 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Kids Communities!

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Kids Communities!
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Kids CommunitiesGrowing up, the kids we ran with set the stage for who we would grow up to be. We had our own Sandlot and Platoon and Mission Impossible teams. But even in our little groups there was a sense of understanding that one of us could do things better than another. We learned through play fighting, street games, races and the like who was the best at pinning down an opponent, outsmarting the person who was “it,” and who could sprint distances without the slightest sense of exhaustion.

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As we earned our places among the team, we also learned our strengths and weaknesses as individuals. And as we moved on from home to home or school to school, we learned where we’d fit in to get by. To survive.

But regardless of our independent nature as kids, we always had a high regard for the strength of the unit. The kid community. This week on the Next Generation Show, we’ll be kicking off a short series in the spirit of National Preparedness Month to introduce the “other” kid communities that can help your kids grow on their path toward being prepared.

This Sunday, we will be laying out the different options you have as parents to get kids involved to showcase their strengths and bolster their weaknesses as they figure them out along the way. After school programs, and organizations like the Boy Scouts have evolved to a point where the choices are almost endless. In many cases, the long-term benefits of these focused kid communities can set up your children for a more successful and self-sufficient lifestyle in the years to come.

And, for the Pint-Sized Prepper Project of the Week, we’ll show you how to invite another type of community into your life by building your own bat shelter and attracting these guardians into your garden!

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