November 30, 2022


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Community Disaster Preparedness!

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Community Disaster Preparedness
James Walton “I Am Liberty ” Audio player below!

Community Disaster PreparednessFor years we have been doing shows about building community and morphing communities into more powerful units to survive disaster. This show is going to be our first look at this topic in a 2 hour forum. I think we will have the ability to explore some of the topics of the past even further and really be able to understand the gems that are hiding in your community all over America.

Listen to this broadcast or download “Community Disaster Preparedness” in this player!

I have always broken the basic steps of building a community into 4 simple activities. They are as follows

· Start a Community Garden

· Build Some Form of Communications Channel

· Create a Real Neighborhood Watch

· Have Some Fun Together!

There is a lot more to managing people and understanding next steps when it comes to community building, but this is a wonderful place to start. What I like most about these 4 steps is that they represent some nice sturdy ground to stand on. You can create a polite conversation around any one of these topics without tweaking people into anger and rage! We are easy to anger but loath forgiveness, these days.

We will also talk about the reason for much of this. There are ways that we can help our fellow Americans in our neighborhood if we make it a priority. We are all being affected by an ever-changing world that is taking up our time and our patience. While it is very convenient, life is not easy.

Imagine a community that grows food, buys in bulk and communicates before disasters. These are not radical things but in radical times they will vastly affect the how your neighborhood bridges the gap between collapse and survival. Don’t miss this episode of the I AM Liberty Show as we explore one of the biggest topics in the I AM Liberty Universe.

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