June 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

The 2017 Prepper Community
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As we head into another year it’s my duty to batter you with ideas about engaging your community. I truly believe that this is the way to liberation. I think if we can build sustainable and powerful communities across the nation we change the landscape of so many things. Disaster is just one of them.

Did you know that there is a growing population of working poor in our nation? These people often struggle to put food on the table and are looking for help from the government or places like food banks. The funny thing is they aren’t growing food or using the land around them to grow food. If we have ailing families in our communities, the first place they should be able to go is our community gardens. This also alleviates the burden of the tax payer.

Topics discussed on this show:

· Talking to neighbors
· Putting them to work
· Harnessing their expertise
· Community Garden
· Community Watch
· Communication
· Tax Payer Burden ( a dividing factor)

This world is just too damned dependent. It’s too convenient and we need something that can push us back into self-reliance. The fact is human beings react better to pressure from those around us than anything else. Just tonight I was feeling such pressure.

When it comes to people and neighbors and communities it’s all about tact. How tactful can you be in this game? You cannot scare them off. That would be detrimental. Honesty plays a huge roll in this. If you want me to be honest so does a bit of deception. You need not be up front with your full intentions. Instead be a good neighbor.

We discuss how all of these things can both dramatically affect your ability to react in times of disaster as well as add benefits to the entirety of the neighborhood. You will become a leader in your community and you will push them to do great things. Just listen to me!
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