Appetite for Desperation, Radical Groups!
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Radical Groups -kkk-14-story-topIn response to the absolutely baffling article that came out in the Telegraph a few days ago about members of the Klu Klux Klan bolstering recruitment efforts in several states in America I thought it best that we talk about fringe groups tonight on I Am Liberty. Examine groups of extremists like the Klan, La Raza and the Black Panthers and how they can really take a foothold in a struggling nation. We are also going to talk about extremism in the 30’s and how it took advantage of a scared and vulnerable public.
This from the Telegraph article:

Residents of towns in Texas, Louisiana, Illinois and Pennsylvania emerged from their houses over the weekend to find fliers attached to their doors, car windscreens or on the front lawn declaring “The KKK wants you.”

The leaflets depict the outline of a hooded figure in white robes with Klan insignia pointing at the reader in the style of traditional military recruiting posters, complete with phone numbers and websites. Read article HERE!

I have so many problems with this, naturally. My biggest, though, is the fact that there hasn’t been a small riot of angry fathers with pick axes calling these numbers and visiting these websites to garner addresses so that they could dole out some punishment to these goons that decided to leaflet their neighborhoods with hate. I am a little disappointed in the American male who seems more and more to just be a “go along to get along” type.

Radical Groups --neo-naziThis method may have cut it in the past when the nation was a bit more stable. Now we are looking at so much uncertainty and so much fear. This atmosphere is the perfect breeding ground for extremist ideologies. You look back and wonder how men like Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin took power and how Americans began to take on Communist and Marxist beliefs in the 30’s. The common denominator is fear, uncertainty and desperation in the public.

It’s our job to keep these fringe groups from turning us on our neighbors. Whether its hatred towards Blacks, Whites, Hispanics or Asians the folks within your community must be defended vehemently against even the most minor injections of such beliefs. Your community is the key to survival if things ever go really bad.

They won’t just come offering violence. Instead they will wait till you’re hungry and cold. These pressure groups will bring you warmth and food in exchange for your allegiance. Don’t fall victim to this.
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