January 29, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Group dynamics in an emergency!

1 min read

Have you given any thought to group dynamics in an emergency? Are you prepared if life puts you with people outside of your planned group? Are you prepared to go it alone? How important are your personal convictions and ideals when the world is upside down. Would you allow somebody with different political ideologies, different religious views, or even different sexual orientation to join your group? Have you already faced this conundrum? Have you even given it much thought? Join Chris in this episode as he gets listener input on these issues. Listen in as he continues his discussion of silver and how every prepper should consider it as an investment and some sources and ways to get into the market that are unconventional to many.The Preppers Poitin Hour with Chris (aka Redhorse_Ronin): bringing prepping, politics, and poitin together one sip at a time. Slainte!
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