August 14, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Going It Alone Won’t Work!

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Going It Alone Won’t Work!
Host: Jack Spirko “The Survival Podcast”

Alone lone-wolfMany preppers seem to think telling anyone, anything about your views on preparedness is a huge mistake. They point out it might make you a target of everyone who isn’t prepared when doomsday comes.

Others seem to embody the very reasons others are so tight lipped about their preps. These are the self absorbed jackasses that state nonsense like, “My AR15 and 2,000 round are all the survival kit I will ever need”. Such people live in a world of Hollywood B movies and fan fiction novels. In the real world such tactics are seldom effective for a variety of reasons.

This is why I have always taught that while there is a place for basic and common sense opsec it is still highly important to build community for both day to day living and for the eventual reality of a possible or even probable disaster.

Recently I got an email that caused me to do this show, it read as follows…

“Jack I grew way too many potatoes this year and have over 100 pounds more than I can use. I thought about selling them at the farmer’s market but that might make me a magnet when TSHTF, I thought about the neighbors but that may even be worse in attracting people if there is a disaster and I thought about donating them to a church but again that might make me a magnet if the SHTF, what should I do with all these extra potatoes. 
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