July 2, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Glen Tate and Communities

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Glen Tate and Communities!
Host: James Walto “I Am Liberty

Glen TateIt seems that with each passing day we draw further from one another. I have never seen anything like this. In an effort to make sure we all get along, all think alike and all agree we have divided ourselves more than ever. The most frightening part for me is the way we single out and punish, with such ferocity, those groups or individuals that differ in opinion. In a country built upon the right to say and believe what you feel is right I don’t think this is right.

I am liberty 400x300In my opinion there really is only one way to rebound from this. Right now the media and the government are the masters of our social interactions. Since most of us rarely get out and speak with neighbors in our community we have lost that. This is how we become strangers on our own street. Its why we are lost without our talking points from CNN or Fox News. We have to get out and meet our neighbors to begin interaction with those around us again. If you haven’t yet please take a look at www.rerootusa.com.

Glen TateWe are also going to have Glen Tate on. He is the author of the popular 299 days series. I am very excited to get his take on our movement to Reroot America. This character driven fiction has become a big hit among readers all over the country and is available in audio book as well. www.299days.com

Between the violent and fascistic quotes from Louis Farrakhan to the last great hope for American communities and security this show will be huge and to top it off we get to run these topics through one of the most notable prepper authors in the genre. Bring your thinking caps to this one and most certainly jump into the chat room. Its going to be a big night on I AM Liberty!
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