October 3, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Free Book from Karl A. D. Brown Host of The Strange Truth

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Many of you may not remember but Karl B started here as a Sponsor for his book The Prepper. Since he has brought us so much. He has enriched this network with peeks into his life, his own prepping journey, his advice and his keen eye for what is unfolding before us. Now, as if he need do anymore, he is offering his prepping guide to you for free. Click the link below.

Thanks Karl. You were a gift from destiny itself. A gift to PBN and a gift to my own life.


The Short, Quick, Beginner’s Prepper Manual(CS IS)

The Short, Quick, Beginner’s Prepper Manual: Getting Yourself Prepped in 30 Days or Less is a quick, no nonsense, guide for people new to the emergency preparedness lifestyle, or what is known in some circles as prepping. It was written so that concerned people can get themselves energized and started quickly, developing a personal emergency plan in a very short period of time. In under an hour or less, the reader will have a very clear, quick, understanding of where to start and how to plan for a life-threatening emergency. There are easy check off lists that will help you begin prepping quickly and successfully. Unfortunately, the new normal is now frequent terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and weather-related disasters. This manual will quickly show how to develop an emergency plan, stock your pantry, acquire medical supplies, and ramp up your personal and home security. The information is short, quick, clear, and easy to understand. Download your copy now and become empowered. Protect your family and yourself.


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