Foraging and Planting Wild Food!

Foraging and Planting Wild Food!
Host: Sam Coffman “The Human Path”

ForagingWould you like to learn some high-calorie and high-nutrition value plants you can plant in your own yard so that they can grow in a semi-wild environment?

Join Sam Coffman and Mark Vorderbruggen (Meriwether) in tonight’s podcast as they discuss wild foods that have enough nutritional value to sustain you during times when there may not be any other source of food, or at any time that you wish to eat a more nutritionally dense diet.
Merriwether’s Guide to Edible Wild Plants of Texas and the Southwest ( is a website with extensive information on edible plants found throughout Southwest USA, Southeast USA, Texas and often in all the lower 48 states.

ForagingHe shares his expertise during this podcast discussion with Sam Coffman. Sam and Mark talk through several of the most practical edible plants that lend not just superior nutrient value, but also provide much-needed calories that are often hard to find when foraging or growing wild foods.

One of the problems with our current system of food supply is that we have depleted our soils. Our foods are 30%-40% less nutrient rich today than they were 60 years ago. Additionally, there is no more “fat of the land.” Assuming you can live by foraging of the land is fiction. Combining these two facts together means that one of the most effective ways to ensure sustainable and nutrient dense food supplies (especially in emergencies) is to start your own wild food gardens in your yard.

There are many plants that will give you this type of wild nutrient base.
Merriwether and Sam will talk through many of these plants in this podcast.
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