January 25, 2021


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Food storage & survivalism misunderstood!

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Food storage & survivalism misunderstood!
Host: Jack Spirko “The Survival Podcast”

Food storage home canned wallToday is a show about one of the fundamentals of modern survival philosophy, food storage. Food storage is actually something that at one time was simply something everyone did. Every home in America at one time seemed to have a root cellar full of canned goods.

Today though food storage and the concept of survivalism or prepping is sensationalized and largely misunderstood.doomsday-bunkersMany tend to hear survivalist and at once envision a guy sitting on a ten year supply of military rations in a basement or bunker somewhere. This image is hyped by media who simply wish to sell a story and worse is made up of journalists that live in a bubble of “the government will fix our problems”. The reality is that the bunker approach of military rations is both inaccurate and impractical.

Food storage canning_foods_vintageTo worsen matters as preparedness has become more of a hot industry long term food has become a product marketed largely on fear vs. on the practical benefits it offers. The reality is food storage doesn’t even require specially packaged 25 year stable products, though they can be useful in your food storage program. The simple truth is that a simple 60-90 day supply of food in your home can help the average family deal with every day occurrences and most disasters they might ever expect to encounter.
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