June 20, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Fishing, Pythagoras, and Tesla!
Host: Gary & Brenna

Fishing Welcome to this week’s outing on “The Road Less Traveled.” On this excursion we’ll begin to focus on some of the intricacies of Prepping from our perspectives with an emphasis on psychological preparedness being quite key to our overall efforts. GGsBoo will discuss some aspects of menu planning and how to calculate amounts of ingredients for use during an extended time-frame. The idea here is rather than offering a fish for a day’s sustenance, she’ll give instructions for fishing that will not only serve a lifetime, but will increase the “creature comfort” necessity.

2-1 tesla-clubGaryL will begin a discussion on Pythagoras and Tesla; focusing on the impact of energy, frequency, and vibration, and how these things not only comprise our entire physical existence, they play a direct role in how we perceive our realities.This will be the first step in exploring just who and what we truly are. This is critically important in developing the confidence required for self-reliance.

2-1 pythagoras-engraving-smThese and more topics will be extensively treated as the trip continues from week to week as there is far too much to cover in a single hour, and much of what will be discussed is of an evolving and dynamic nature. Therefore, we ask all the listeners to consider the information and share your thoughts with us and with each other so that we may all expand our knowledge bases. 

We intend that these shows be highly interactive so call-ins are greatly encouraged. Also, often there will be “homework” assignments. We’re all here to learn and the best learning experiences come interactively. 
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