January 17, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Finding the right path through preparedness!

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Canada 125Given that I am a huge proponent of spreading the word about preparedness, it stands to reason that every once in a while, my show will go back to basics. No, this isn’t a flashlight and spare batteries type of show, but one that will help you think for yourself.

Once you have that “Ah Ha” moment, many new preppers begin to panic. After all, your thirst for knowledge has brought you an overwhelming amount of new information. Websites galore telling you about the impending collapse of the economy, cosmic entities on collision courses, the police state you are now living in, and so on, and so on. All this can make you panic, and that is a natural reaction, but I hope to ease your fears, teach you how to get that fear under control, and then how to go about getting things started.

Crooked Preppers Path 400This week on The Prepared Canadian we will look at the 6 basic areas of preparedness, how to organize yourself and get you on the right path, and how to do it without feeling that it’s all too late and you might as well give up. I’ll go over how to get started in food storage, water storage and purification, how to get enough energy to run your most important electrical devices, some tips about security, a look into health and sanitation, and why shelter, although it needs to be addressed, can go a little further down on the list than most people think.

It’s all about layers folks, getting a bit of everything, then going back to the top of the list and improving what you have already done. Don’t forget, it’s not always about the black helicopters coming to take your children away to the FEMA death camps…it’s time to relax and think with a clear mind.

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