“Farewell” Homestead Honey Hour!

“Farewell” Homestead Honey Hour
Hosts: Katzcraduel, Michigansnowpony, Noreen “The Homestead Honey Hour”

Farewell Sunset_CountryAs they say, all good things must come to an end. . . . This Thursday will mark the last Homestead Honey Hour . After three years running, the honeys feel they’ve delved into, and talked about everything they can to help you and your families get more prepared and move forward towards self-reliance.

We three ladies have sure enjoyed our time on the air, sharing and chatting with our listeners! What a wild and wonderful ride we’ve had! We appreciate all those who tuned in live, joined us in the chat room, and downloaded our shows later on. And we’d like to thank Glen, our producer, who has always been ever patient, ever supportive, helped us promote the show, grow as hosts, and aided us in building our YouTube channels and other endeavors in the process.

FarewellSo join Katzcradul, Noreen, and Renée in saying farewell, reminiscing, and talking about what the future holds for all of us going forward. And as a special treat, we will be joined by former Homestead Honey Bev, (or TheMrsVolfie as she is known on youtube), so despite this being the last show, it’s sure to have some joyful, funny moments!
** And remember, anytime you need a Homestead Honey Hour fix, all the shows will be available in the archives at Prepperbroadcasting.** Renee Michigansnowpony

Producers note: May 2011 marked the beginning of Prepper Broadcasting and it’s first broadcast. With only 4 hosts, each providing a weekly show, we went live.  Our goal as it was then has not changed, to  provide sound reliable information for those that wished to live a more independent, self-reliant lifestyle.

farewell homestead honey 300There have been many exciting moments along the way for the hosts and the listeners. For myself, a most memorable moment was a conversation I had with Katzcradul resulting in the beginning of The Homestead Honey Hour.  

Their first broadcast on March 15 2012 was so well received that if roses could have been thrown into the chat-room text would not have been readable. Each and every show there after was no different. Their dedication to their listeners and followers shows in everything they did and still do.

The information the women of the Homestead Honey Hour provided during live broadcasts will be missed dearly. I will miss them dearly. Please join me for what is sure to be one more memorable moment with the ladies of The Homestead Honey Hour in wishing them farewell. Remember, all is not lost as they continue with their other endeavors including their YouTube channels listed below!  gman

Michigansnowpony YouTube channel HERE!
Noreen’s YouTube channel HERE!
Katzcradul’s YouTube channel HERE!
Katzcradul’s website HERE
TheMrsVolfie HERE!
BexarPrepper HERE!

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    1. The old archived shows can be found on our page at spreaker.com just search our name. Or you can just scroll down the list of 300+ shows in the player We still have a lot of migration to do with another thousand shows to bring over from the archives.

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