October 23, 2021


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Taking Care of Elderly during SHTF

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Taking Care of Elderly during SHTF
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Taking Care of Elderly during SHTFI’ve listened to the debates on taking care of the elderly and it never seems to end on a good note. The main argument being that you are fast as your slowest link. This is being quite frank and it is true, but I also see the need to preserve life no matter how fragile. Can we take care of those that cannot take care of themselves during shtf?

The need to properly prepare for the elderly is a necessity, we cannot just leave people behind. We have to provide at least the simple things like medicine, food, water, as well as some way to transport them if the need arises.

All of this we have to focus on during the show, but can it be done? I have often thought of this because I also help my mother out and she is disabled so it really makes me think of what can make their lives easier, during shtf. I have thought of many devices to help the elderly, some that can make their lives easier. Some of these devices are out there right now that I would suggest getting if you are already in this situation.

No one wants to leave their mother or their father behind in shtf. This is the challenge we will face during a catastrophe. I am split so many ways upon this. I really want to make their lives easier. But I also want to make sure myself and everyone else around me are safe. Have you been in the moment that you see those that need help and help because you can?
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