December 8, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Lesson’s to be learned from others and ourselves!

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Lessons learned chalk boardIn my mid 20′s I bought myself a 1965 convertible Impala and I fixed it up and started hitting all the local car shows. I had a pair of 13×7 Dayton’s, so if you don’t know, it’s a low rider. But that didn’t stop me from going to low rider shows, and hot rod show’s so people could appreciate the hard work that I put into it. In Clovis California one of the car shows is called the Strawberry Festival, show and shine and this is what happened. There were lots of nice cars throughout the show. A father and son were coming in the direction where me and my car were at, the little boy got really happy and said “ooh dad look, it’s a low rider”, as he ran towards the car. His dad answered back “no we are not going to look at that car, let’s go over here”. So the question I ask, what lesson did that father teach his son on that day?  There’s a lesson here and if you would like to know my opinions tune in this Friday to Charlie in the Box “Lessons Learned”.

Other lesson’s to be discussed, being the better man., forgiveness. Saying you’re sorry, admitting your wrong, love, courage, faith…etc..
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