May 23, 2022


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Lack of Family Contact after SHTF

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Lack of Family Contact after SHTF
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Lack of Family Contact after SHTFIn this show, we talk about what it might be like if the big event happens and you can no longer talk to family or get news of their condition. After a SHTF event, the availability of news from across the nation and world might be severely limited. Are you or your spouse mentally prepared to break contact with your family and never be able to hear from them again? If your family is overseas or in another state you may keep in contact by Skype, email, or video chat and it’s no big deal. Even calling your parents on the phone keeps that bridge open. However, in grid down, you are likely never going to hear from them again and you are going to have to presume them dead.

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In a major event, you might not know their condition. This could lead you to feel helpless because of the not knowing. This can be a problem if your spouse is dependent on talking to their parents on a regular schedule. You need to be able to deal with the mental breakdown that friend and family in your group is going to experience. The not knowing could flip a mental switch and push someone over the edge of mental stability. Not being able to ever hear from friends and family affects everyone differently and younger minds might be difficult to deal with. Teens get depressed really easily and being removed from friends could cause a lot of problems in a grid down scenario.

So what do we do? We discuss tips for helping people overcome the void of not being able to communicate with family. We will be discussing what liabilities a person like this could be and steps to protect the person from themselves.

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