Killing, Working, and Achieving!

Killing, Working, and Achieving!
James Walton “I Am Liberty

Killing Chicken-Dinner-453x680I slaughtered a chicken for the first time this weekend. Processed and ate the little guy and ya know I learned a lot. There was a big part of me that told me I shouldn’t. There was a huge part of me that spoke to me and said, “let the little guy walk around and live his life.” Something happened moments before I gave into my thoughts that turned killing that chicken into a nice dinner.

I have been pushing hard by the light of the moon and in the early light of dawn lately. I am coming to understand a little more about time management and how a family effects that. How can you position yourself for success with a family involved as well. This is one of the biggest issues that I am facing lately is just how to manage all of the projects in my life. There are techniques that I am using and reevaluation I am doing to assure my time is being maximized.

I am liberty 400x300With all the hard work things are happening. There is so much going on in the I AM Liberty world. Challenges, Comics, Books, Freelance. Its so important to be working towards something or this world will hollow you out. We are going to have a SURVIVE THE BUGOUT Challenge. More to come on this but it is going to be an incredibly exciting event that anyone will be able to participate in. All this and more on this episode of I AM Liberty.
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