December 2, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Kids Communities and 4H

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Kids Communities and 4H
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Kids Communities and 4HA single strand of rope can be broken easily. Two strands is a little tougher to break. But weaving three or four strands together you will find how strong a tightly knit community can truly be. Just like rope that is intertwined, the people in a community serve to strengthen the whole. Mainstays of a healthy body, healthy heart, strong hands, and strong mind are deeply seated in the meaning of this show and 4H.

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We will be continuing on with our series on kid communities with a special guest from 4H. This amazing woman will be sharing her experience is with us on air and a few of the ways her experiences have helped her through life. Her first time in 4H was at nine years old back in 1958. She has also been nominated for the 4H Hall of Fame!

Our guest, Arlinda, recently retired from 4H as the youth involvement coordinator for Idaho. She has demonstrated through her lifelong dedication the true meaning of generational success when it comes to showing kids the importance of getting involved in kid communities.

Don’t miss out on the pint sized Prepper project of the week where we explain the importance of making bonds by learning how to splice a beginners rope!

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