August 7, 2022


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Charlie Jean, wiz kid & Highlander

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Charlie Jean, wiz kid & Highlander, fellow host on Prepper Broadcasting!
Bobby Akart “Survival & Tech Preps

Charlie JeanOn this week’s episode, the Cinco de Mayo edition of the Prepping for Tomorrow program, host Bobby Akart will have two special guests.

In the first part of the program, CHARLIE JEAN, son of Sabrina Jean, one of Bobby’s editors, will tell us about an incredible preparedness related science project for the Parkwood Elementary Fifth Grade Science Fair in his hometown.

5-5-16 Charlie-Jean-Science-ProjectFor this year’s science fair, Charlie challenged himself to make electricity using a combination of various fruit, copper pennies, and an analog multi-meter. Trust me when I say that this kid is smarter than I am. I’ll ask Charlie about this and we’ll delve into its possible application from a preparedness perspective.

5-5-16 Survival-Tech-PrepThen, I’m thrilled to have on board fellow Prepper Broadcasting host, Highlander, whose Monday program titled The Survival and Tech Preps Radio Show blends nicely with our young first guest of the Prepping for Tomorrow program. His technology background is a perfect complement to Charlie Jean’s science project discussion.

Highlander grew up in rural Appalachia in Virginia, deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Farming, livestock, and gardening was a part of everyday life. He developed a passion for hunting and fishing, clearly an aspect of country living that most people do not get to enjoy—good food, clean air, and a peaceful life.

He was not, however, content with the simple life. His mind was curious, and he became drawn to technology. He’s had various jobs in the technology field, and now he works on computers for a living. Highlander sees the need for prepping based on his upbringing, and his first hand observations of society’s dependence on technology. He is a committed prepper, adopting the preparedness lifestyle, as well as an avid weapons collector.

Join in the conversation as I welcome Charlie Jean, wiz kid, and Highlander, committed prepper and host of the Survival & Tech Press Radio Show to the Prepping for Tomorrow program Thursday night! Don’t forget to continue the conversation afterwards on theP4T AFTERSHOW on Facebook.
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