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50 Survival Items to Put in Your Kids Backpacks

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50 Survival Items to Put in Your Kids Backpacks

50 Survival Items to Put in Your Kids BackpacksIf you’re in a survival situation and you’re on foot, your own bug out bag is going to be all you can manage. If you’re a parent or grandparent responsible for children in a survival situation, you can’t possibly carry everything they will need. It’s going to be crucial that your child or children carry their own backpacks for survival during a bug out.

Another reason it’s important to think through what survival items to put in your kids’ backpacks is because during a survival situation it is more likely that family members could become separated. If one or more of your children is separated from the group for any length of time, they will need to have a variety of these 50 survival items in their backpacks to help protect them from the elements and other dangers until you can reunite.

You may be thinking that 50 survival items to put in your kids’ backpacks that we’ve listed below seems excessive, but let’s think about what kinds of things your kids might need if separated from your group.

Stay Warm/Cool and Dry

Depending on the season and any extreme weather that may be going on, your kids will need to have what they require to stay warm or cool and dry. Hypothermia can be a very real danger in weather as warm as sixty degrees if conditions are wet or the wind is excessive.

 House key (if rendezvous point is home and they arrive first)

  1. Firestarter method(s)
  2. Pup Tent or another small shelter
  3. Mylar Emergency Blanket
  4. Rain Poncho with Hood
  5. Hat, gloves, scarf
  6. Sturdy shoes and waterproof boots
  7. Warm socks (Preferably wool)
  8. Extra underwear
  9. Rain poncho
  10. One change of clothes
  11. Two long/short sleeve shirts (wool or moisture wicking)
  12. Double layer jacket (warm/cold weather)

Communicate or Signal to You for Help

If separated from your group during a SHTF or survival situation, your kids will need to know how and when to signal to you for help or to let you know where they are or will be. Communication methods should be a major part of your family’s bug out or survival plan and should be practiced in advance.

  1. A keyring or lanyard with a whistle
  2. Fisher Space Pen
  3. Rite in the Rain Notebook
  4. Sharpie marker
  5. Small emergency radio
  6. Waterproof ID bracelet or tag with ID info
  7. Emergency contact info written down
  8. Cell Phone and portable charging bank

Find Their Way to the Rendezvous Point

In a SHTF situation, chaos will reign. Roads will be jammed with traffic and getting around will be difficult if not impossible. Your survival plan should include several rendezvous points familiar and accessible to your children. If children are separated from the group, they should know how to respond and where to go to reunite with you.

  1. Printed Map of local area with color-coded routes that clearly identify primary route and alternate routes as well as any rendezvous points
  2. Compass
  3. Mini Portable GPS Tracker
  4. Wallet or Change Purse with appropriate change and emergency cash

Stay Hydrated and Sustain Their Energy

Every parent’s hope is that they will be able to be with their child or children when SHTF but unfortunately as kids get older, the odds are that one if not all of your children will be away from you when an emergency happens increases. Kids should have the basic survival food items in their backpacks to help them stay hydrated and sustain their energy level during a crisis.

  1. Trail mix or granola bars
  2. Dried Fruit
  3. Beef Jerky
  4. Water bottle
  5. Lifestraw or drinking straw

Care for Personal Hygiene and Medical Issues

Even on the best of days, minor accidents and injuries can occur. Your kids will be on the move, possibly for long distances as they try to rendezvous with you. Make sure they have whatever first aid personal hygiene items they might need to keep them comfortable and healthy.

  1. Necessary personal medications (inhaler, insulin, etc.)
  2. Individual First Aid Kit(IFAK)
  3. (Includes tweezers, band-aids, Neosporin, )
  4. Sanitary Pad (can be used for feminine hygiene or to stem blood flow)
  5. Baby Wipes
  6. Bug Repellant Wrist Band
  7. Hand sanitizer
  8. Chapstick
  9. Hair Brush and Comb

General Purpose

There may be unexpected small tasks your child may need to accomplish while they are separated from you. The 50 items to put in your kids’ backpacks are designed to make sure they have what they need to accomplish those tasks relatively easily.

  1. Hand Crank Flashlight
  2. Bandana
  3. Multi-tool
  4. Pocket Knife
  5. Wristwatch (analog)
  6. Paracord
  7. Magnifying glass
  8. Pepper Spray
  9. Knife
  10. Paper clips wrapped with tape
  11. Bobby Pins

Every child is different, and their age, maturity level, and skill level must be taken into consideration when planning which of these 50 survival items to put in your kids’ backpacks. If you’ve made prepping a priority for the whole family, your kids will already be wearing their EDC kit which could include some of these items.

The key thing when choosing which of these 50 survival items to put in your kids’ backpacks is to have a bug out or survival plan, practice it frequently and make sure everyone in your group knows what to do and how to respond during a crisis.

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