November 30, 2022


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How To Balance Spousal Time and Prepping 

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Prepping helps you be mindful of the worst that can come, and yet many people may be married to spouses who aren’t into it. How can one balance spousal time with prepping? It’s quite an issue, but it’s one you can resolve. You can make your spouse happy while you deal with prepping, and here’s how. You may even be able to get them into prepping with you.


  • Help for Relationships


If you want to keep your relationship running smoothly with your prepping lifestyle, online therapy can help. It allows you to speak to a therapist from the comfort of your own home, or on your own terms. Sites such as ReGain allow you to get help when you need it. It’s a great way to help mend any drama you may have.


  • Go Into the Wilderness


One way you can balance spousal time and prepping is to go camping or take a trip to the wilderness. Outdoors is the best time to test out your survival skills. Try to make your camping trip about fun, but also about how you can use your prepping skills to live outdoors. Pack minimally and try getting food, water, and shelter from the world around you using little equipment. It’s a fun challenge and one that allows for bonding time.


  • Watch Shows and Movies About Prepping Culture 


Another way to hit home your prepping lifestyle is to watch certain shows and movies about prepping. For example, any zombie movie is filled with references to prepping. Okay, you probably won’t have to deal with a zombie apocalypse, but you may deal with a world where hungry people want your supplies, and you’ll have to fend them off.


  • Go to a Shooting Range 


If your spouse has any interest in shooting, now is a good time to teach them about the power of a gun. Grab your favorite rifle and show them a good time. You can mix it in with lessons about the importance of stockpiling ammunition should something happen, and by showing off your skills, your spouse can feel safer.


  • Don’t Shove Your Prepping Down Your Spouse’s Throat 


If you’re getting into prepping, your spouse may have doubts about it. It’s important that you don’t shove your lifestyle down their throats if they don’t want it. Calmly talk to them about your hobby and why you do what you do. Try to use real-life, logical examples as to why you should prep, such as if a storm hits the area and destroys everything. Your spouse may listen to that over martial law taking over.


  • Start Prepping in Bite-Sized Amounts


If your spouse has interest, start small. Don’t make them bite off more they can chew. You may want to take your spouse shopping for supplies, have them decorate the bunker, and just have a good time with it. Don’t make it into a chore, but instead a hobby the two of you can enjoy.

You may be able to get the kids on it, too, if you have them. For ideas on how to do some family activities mixed with prep work, click here or go here.

Also, try not splurging when you are introducing prepping with your spouse. Financial issues are one of the biggest reasons for divorce, and if you’re spending thousands on prep supplies, your spouse may not be too happy with it.

It’s important that you balance your spousal life with your family life. Doing so can ensure a happy marriage and one where you’re not waiting all the time for the worst to happen.


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