October 19, 2021


Self reliance and independence

A Preppers Thanksgiving

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A Preppers Thanksgiving
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A Preppers ThanksgivingYou call me Hallmark or call me whatever you want. These days make the Winter worth living through. The holy days across the nation and the holiday season. The gathering of family around flame to either fight or laugh about the radical turns and paths this life has taken us down. Its very important to take this all in and unfortunately its seems there will be many who are too wrapped up in their anger to enjoy it. Just because its a national holiday Thanksgiving can be a great opportunity for preppers. There are many opportunities waiting just under the surface.

11-16-16-anec_confitatIf you are a natural salesman then Thanksgiving will offer you a time to convince others or inform others about the potential in self reliance and the realities of whats possible. Do it with some tact and not like Alex Jones screaming about black helicopters. Your family will only want to hear so much about this. This is about the least exciting thing you can do with your time at Thanksgiving but it could be worth it.

If you want to take a much more exciting route challenge yourself to participate in some radical cooking methods or utilize foods from many years ago. An open fire thanksgiving could be a really good time and you could even utilize cast iron and other unique methods to explore whats possible without electric or gas pumping to your stove. You can cover all of this up under the guise of “tradition” and for you it will just be practice.

the-first-thanksgivingFinally, you can utilize your army of hungry workers to help you with things like preservation or food storage. DO you have a few projects that could be helped along by guests or do you have something that needs canned or broken down into small pieces. Offer up some of your food storage to those who help and take advantage of your pilgrims and Indians. Thanksgiving is a time to come together and appreciate what you have in this life.

That said we should enjoy one another and enhance their lives by pushing them towards self reliance. Share your success stories around the dinner table and let them know about the carrots you grew that are now gracing the table glazed in butter and honey. We will talk more about this on the show this week. Don’t miss I AM Liberty
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