Its Halloween on I AM Liberty!

Its Halloween!
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Halloween happy_halloween_1024x7681Join us as we listen into a vintage episode from Halloween of 2012. This was when the show was a baby. Just out of the womb but still offering great content. One of my childhood friends, comedian and zombie enthusiast, Chuck Hallman joins us on this episode of I AM Liberty. We talk about surviving a completely hypothetical situation where the earth is ravaged my zombies hungry for your meat! The fact is the translation is very similar to survival in any other cataclysmic situation.

Chuck states very clearly that, “You would worry more about the living than you would about the dead.” Again, we touch on the struggle over resources and battle to survive with other humans. The conversation is engaging and we even get as silly as talking about what weapons would be preferred in a kill the hell out of zombies situation.

Halloween halloween_by_majora28-d4d952iBasically we had a great time and celebrated the pagan holiday to its fullest. We also touch on an article that was written by Todd Sepulveda called Prepper Prison and how easy it is to fall into a prepper prison yourself. As I always say, more important than anything in your life is balance. Achieving balance puts you in such a place to be effective. More importantly not achieving that balance should be highly respected. It takes me to another, more distorted and distracted, frame of mind where I feel so vulnerable.

That being said its just another great episode of I AM Liberty. This one however is from the early days and I think you guys have earned a peek into the early days. So kick back. Put your Michael Myers mask on and enjoy another great episode with yours truly. There is a little surprise at the end, too.
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