November 30, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Ground Rules The Premier of “A Family Affair”

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Ground Rules The Premier of “A Family Affair”
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Ground Rules The Premier of "A Family Affair"Did you ever have dreams of being and astronaut, fireman, or a police officer? Did your parents have dreams of you being something more? Such as a surgeon or doctor. In life we ended up as something Greater. We became parents, a family. We can not control who our children become, but we can lay down a strong foundation. To ensure and help shape, who they become, are good people. No matter what life sets in their path. This Saturday we will discuss the rules that make us as a family stronger. How these rules can impact and effect us.

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Morals, Manners, Respect and Independence. We can give them the life skills that are needed. Weither they decide to use them or not will be up to them. Here we are going to discuss these basic building blocks.

We will even be finding out directly from the mouths of the babes, what they think about these rules, And why they believe these rules may or may not be necessary. From parent, to child and as a family unit. Such rules can play a pivotal role. Join in the discussion as we go in depth on these rules and the importance and the impact these rules can have both now and in a critical situation. We as parents , want our children to be strong, maybe even more so than ourselves. This is where the old saying rings true. “It takes a village to raise a child”. Lets be that village and insure that these little ones will be able to stand strong and go so much further than us. Because there will be a day were we can not hold their hands. Join A Family Affair as we set the “Ground Rules” for “Our” future.

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