July 3, 2022


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Family and Preparedness!

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Family and Preparedness!
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty”

FamilyAs we approach the holidays in a week we will be surrounded by dozens of people that know so much about us. Many of those family members who have known us our whole lives may not know that we share concerns about this world and prepare for them. The holidays are a time to come closer and give thanks for all we have. It might also be a time to find out who else has the gas masks in their attic.

It’s the smell of turkeys when your eyes open or football and cheap beer, its your favorite drunken uncle. The holidays often illuminate something that is kept deep in the recesses of our minds until the latter portion of the year. Tonight I want to talk about how to take advantage of the holidays and the time with family.

Of course there are folks in your family, loose collared types, who live in a dream world where the paycheck buys the food and the cycle never breaks. How do you approach them with tact and not get dismissed. It’s in the facts. The last thing you want is for your opinion to be negated. I have seen time and time again people jump at the first opening with some radical, maybe even factual knowledge, that is so far out of scope that they are flagged for the evening.

Spirited conversation is like a boxing match. There is a time to attack and a time to lay in wait and listen. For a person who talks too much they will “punch” themselves out. Run out of gas. Its important that you enjoy conversation with family members but don’t rush in with the X FLARE talk and get yourself shunned to the back of the dining room for therest of the day

On this broadcast of “I Am Liberty” I have some great info about how to include your family in your preparedness plans as well as just how important that can be. You have to know that your cool cousin with the mustang will never buy into it and the survival seeds you bought him are gonna sit in his closet until he needs the space for something else. Dont give up on the rest of your family though and don’t miss I Am Liberty!

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