Family, Getting Them On Board

Family, Getting Them On Board
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

FamilyI have often said that a man without kids and a wife cannot see the world for all that it is. Its like the electro magnetic spectrum. Humans can only sense so much of what is actually around them. There is a very incredible power that a man receives the days he becomes a husband and another ascension when he becomes a father. When he becomes a husband the world around him becomes a threat and he realizes that there is something so precious in his life that he would die to protect it. Then comes the baby and you realize now you have a helpless life depending on you and you must read the future to carve a path for your child

 FamilyPreparing with your family is so important. Tonight we are going to talk about how you can get family involved and why its so important. Most of the things you do to prepare kids will be in love with. This makes things easy. Kids are drawn to things like gardening and kitchen work. My little 3 year old has to be up on the counter when I am cooking or canning.

It does your family no good to hoard prepping knowledge. If you catch a stray bullet in the first week of some life changing disaster and bleed out on your living room floor than your family is screwed. Unless of course if you have included them in much of your learning and practice. Its very important that you share your knowledge.

Its about kids, families and preparedness tonight. Really this is what it all comes down to. This is what we do it for and who we stand to lose if things ever get really bad. For those who aren’t currently prepping make sure you listen to this one. Its very important.
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