January 26, 2022


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Defend yourself, consider police as backup!

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Defend yourself, consider police as backup
Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty

Defend breakinginAs this world turns its important to understand our idea and vision of security. With all of the action in Ferguson I think its important that we discuss what this means for police and their ability to be effective in the future. More importantly what does that mean to you Jr.and the wife. For the vast majority of us we are the first and most important level of protection.

Long gone are the days when all we needed was a single door lock and a call to 911. Times have changed and further regulation of the police are going to continue as well as cuts to the size of police forces. This means we must look to community watch and other interesting g ideas to both know our neighbors and prevent crime in our neighborhoods.

Defend home_defense_534I did a great show about police militarization about a year ago now. Don’t get me wrong police don’t need MRAPs or to bust down doors and throw flash bangs into baby cribs like we are in Iraq. Still you have to remember that the police are our only line of defense if the ms13 decide to move into your neighborhood. Without the police and hell even with them things can get real dodgey real fast.

So let’s be real about our situation as Americans. Its time to get innovative and creative about defending our homes and communities. I have some ideas about this that I would like to share. I can’t express how important it is that you have the ability to remove yourself from a bad situation and more importantly protect yourself and your family in a bad situation. If you can offer up ideas to prevent and deter besides a 9mm shell than please join us as we dig into the issue of what safety means in America.
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