March 6, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Electricity & backup power options!

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Electricity and backup power options.
Brett Bauma “Makers On Acres

Electricity and backup power optionsLiving in today’s age we are almost completely reliant on electricity from the grid to power our homes and devices. Many people in today’s world are scared of electricity and don’t truly know the fundamentals of it, or how it works.

1-6-16 Arco lv relay boxIn order to be prepared for any situation, we need to know about backup power systems and even how to do an emergency electrical repair. Before we do repairs or set up systems, we first need to know the basics of how electricity works and its behaviors. We will be talking and teaching about many of the basics. Although I only recommend having an electrician do your electric work for you, there may come a time in this world where that is not a viable option and you may need to know some basics to keep you safe and get things powered back up.

1-6-16 Easy_WindmillWhat back up system is right for you? Should we add supplemental renewable energy to our home? We will run over solar, wind, and fuel powered generators as well.

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*All the information in this show is for informational purposes only and we recommend you always consult a licensed electrician for your electric work. Electricity can cause serious injury and/or death.
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