October 20, 2021


Self reliance and independence

A Cult? No, we’re just Preppers!

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A Cult? No, we’re just Preppers!
Host: Denob “The Prepared Canadian”

CultFortunately I came across two different things on the internet. Before that I was having a tough time deciding on a topic for this week’s broadcast of The Prepared Canadin.  I could have talked about food storage or water purification again, looked into a top ten list of prepper related gear, or other such subjects, but I felt somewhat uninspired by these ideas.

cultOf the two articles the first was an article about a psychologist at Penn State that made a comparison of preppers to a cult, and in some respect he could have a point, but for the most part, his observations seem unfounded.  In fact, I explain a few ways in which this psychologist is likely a prepper himself, but just doesn’t know it.

The second thing I found was a music video for a song called “be the change” by Kat Edmonson…likely referencing a quote by Mahatma Gandhi…”be the change that you want to see in the world”.  This spoke to me on a very personal level, as I feel I am being part of the change I want to see in that I would like to see every person be responsible for taking care of themselves and their families in the face of what this big mean world could send our way.

Join me this week as I discuss why preppers are not a cult, how to be the change, another review of a great book by F.J. Bohan, as well as a new idea for the forum and a call for volunteers to help out by sharing their knowledge with new preppers…essentially, becoming the change themselves!

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