July 2, 2022


Self reliance and independence

Community and School!
Host: Sam Coffman “The Herbal Medic

Community HerbalMedic2400x300In this week’s podcast, join Sam Coffman as he talks about some of the most critical concerns in trying to work with other preppers. To start this topic off, it makes most sense to talk about all of the growth that has happened at Sam’s survival school (The Human Path) over the past year. At The Human Path, they have been working on an intentional community for a few years, and it has really taken off. Sam will discuss all of the eco-building projects, the barter experiments, the herbal clinic, the caretaker and internship programs, the forest and sustainable gardening projects, the security aspects, dealing with run-ins with neighbors, wild medicine and food projects, managing drought conditions and more.

Community Ankle Wrapnew150x150Sam has discussed some of these topics before, but one thing that keeps coming up repeatedly is the difficulty that people have in finding like-minded folks to group with. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of mediums out there to be able to do this. Sam will talk about how to draw like-minded people to what you are doing, and how the school has allowed them to do this very well. The school is, in essence, an entire program to be able to pull like-minded people together, but there are many other outlets out there where this can be done. Some aspects of networking are much easier due to the internet, and some are more difficult in the long run for the same reason.
Join Sam as he works through the good and bad experiences at the school over the past year and how this applies to your own goals in prepping and community.
Sam Coffman Website: http://thehumanpath.com/

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