February 25, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Common sense ways we can prepare now!

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In our hurried lives, there never seems to be enough time or money for Prepping.  Still, prepping is a very important part of our future and most of us realize the need to take care of ourselves rather than be dependent on others. Getting our whole family on board sounds easier than it is. Join Deb and a few guests this week, talking about three important topics:

1.   Ideas parents use to teach their children without the fear 

2.   Finding the time and money to Prep

3.   Using our preps now

This week on “Common Sense Prepping“, Deb and guests will be discussing some common sense ways we can prepare now.  We will share a few simple ideas to get us on the road and stay on the road while we have the chance. Deb invites new Preppers to come on the show and share what concerns them. Deb also encourages more experienced Preppers to join in with their knowledge and experience.

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