March 6, 2021


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“Common Sense Prepping” We have that!

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“Common Sense Prepping” We have that!

Their is a new show in town “Common Sense Prepping” with Deb aka “PerbainPrepper” and this weeks guests will be SouthernBelle and a few of Debs’ students, who will discuss how preparation has given them a calm heart in fearful times. Deb talks about common sense things we can do right now to plan for hard times ahead.  You don’t have to have a fist full of money, an arsenal of weapons, or a hundred and forty acres of secluded property to go hide on. What you do need is a willing heart to learn old things in a new light. A SHTF situation, is not the time to learn how to secure water, food, shelter, and protection. That time is now, and Deb in her laid back, calm approach would like you to join her remembering that – Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor preformance.

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