May 10, 2021


Self reliance and independence

Chris and Carborendum! A great show on prepping and Preppers!

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During the show, Chris asks the question, “How mainstream can prepping get?”  Can Preppers coalesce into an actual social movement that can affect the course of the nation?  Could Preppers take a page from the Libertarians and their Free State and Liberty Projects, and create Prepper friendly enclaves and communities within certain regions that has an impact on the local economy, politics, and the community at large?  How could these Prepper-topias come about?  Is it even in our best interests to consider such grandiose ideas?

Chris will finish the show with a continuation of the discussion on silver as it relates to prepping.  He will talk about his method for tracking his silver purchases and open the floor up to questions.

As a bonus, Chris had Carborendum, of APN fame, on as a guest to lend his knowledge and insights on the viability of Prepper mainstreaming and Prepper communities.

Listen to show in player below:

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