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Self reliance and independence

Being prepared in life is an attitude, and a personal choice. It’s an approach to life.

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Tonight 4/24/2013 9pm/Est.  8pm/Ct.  on GoatHollow and the Surreal News

Special Guest: “Living ready” Magazine

Author: Doug Carlstens

emptyshelves125You and I know that being one of those people that are now called “Doomsday Preppers”, means that most of society, and especially the main stream media, are going to portray you as being a bit well……… Crazy.  If you intend to be ready to take on life’s little storms, without any help from “Big Brother” you’re lumped into a category…Called a “Survivalist nut job,

You and I also know however, that despite all that hype, our numbers are growing at an incredible rate. Sure you’re friends and family mostly still rolls their eyes when you begin talking about being more self-sufficient, but attitudes ARE beginning to change.

I recently had an interesting conversation with the editors of a brand new magazine. It’s called “Living ready”, and they sent me an online copy of their first edition. After reading it, and doing a little research, I began to realize that quote “This isn’t a lowbrow piece of trash tabloid”

newspapers-and-glasses-1341392353G4gI was quite pleasantly surprised that the publishers are the same folks that produce many reputable magazines that you can find on your local newsstand!  I was astounded to find that they produce many of the same titles that I remembered from browsing the magazine rack at my local grocery store.

I want to read for you an excerpt from the editorial page of this new magazine. The editor that wrote this piece is a fellow by the name of James Card, and in it he says; “As my colleagues and I tried to bring this publication into focus, a couple of phrases kept creeping into our conversation.  One was the word attitude.  As people like to compartmentalize others with a preparedness mindset and label them as survivalists or preppers, we decided to shrug off such terms. The way we figure it, being prepared in life is an attitude and a personal choice.  It’s an approach to life.  It’s all about your attitude.”

Well having a well published magazine about being prepared on newsstands across the country leaves me pretty warm and fuzzy inside.  Maybe… just maybe, we’re gaining a little credibility.  Maybe we’re starting to be seen more as the reasonably minded intelligent people that most of us are, instead of being simply dismissed as kooks and “Outliers”.

If you want to know about the direction this magazine is going to go in the future, if you have questions or even suggestions, I’m going to interview a couple of people from the editorial staff this Wednesday on GoatHollow and The Surreal News at 8:00 Central time, or 9:00 Eastern. I’ll be monitoring the chat room there, and taking your calls!  I hope to see you there!!!

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