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Author Bobby Akart “New Show”

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Author Bobby Akart & “Prepping for Tomorrow”

Bobby AkartStarting this Thursday 12/31/2015 Prepper Broadcasting brings you “Prepping for Tomorrow” with host Bobby Akart. This program will be slightly different than the traditional programs we broadcast live every night.

Prepping for Tomorrow radio program will feature interviews with leading post-apocalyptic fiction authors, as well as experts in the field of survival and preparedness. The show will focus on tips, techniques and the importance of prepper fiction in developing a well-rounded, but comprehensive, preparedness plan.

The Prepping for Tomorrow program encourages caller participation. Each week, Bobby will reward one outstanding caller with questions or comments with an eBook from one of his series.

Read more about Bobby Akart (bio) below and I’m sure  you’ll see that through his experience and the life he’s lived that Thursday night’s will be both educational and fun. Join us for live listen and chat, every Thursday 9:00pm/Et 8:00 pm/Ct 6:00 pm/Pt

About Bobby Akart

D14e56sHF-S._SL250_Bobby Akart is an Amazon Top 100 Author and the Bestselling Author of the Prepping for Tomorrow series. He has also created the critically acclaimed Boston Brahmin Series which has produced two number one bestsellers in the political and financial thriller genres.

51+ASsfo-RL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_51-F5GBWzGLAn unabashed prepper, Bobby is the founder of FreedomPreppers.com, a website devoted to providing its guests with all the knowledge they need to be prepared for any potential collapse scenario.

After receiving his undergraduate degree with a dual major in Economics and Political Science, Bobby went on to receive his Law Degree and a Master’s Degree in Business. He not only understands how the economy works, but the impact politics has on the economy as well.

He left the corporate world behind and now lives a preparedness lifestyle in the back woods of the Cumberland Plateau with the love of his life, his wife and fellow author Danni Elle, their two English Bulldogs a/k/a The Princesses of the Palace, a variety of farm animals, thirteen Pekin Ducks and a herd of a dozen bunnies, and counting.

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