October 3, 2022


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American Blackout

Host: Dean “The Prepared Canadian”

American BlackoutIt’s a very rare occasion when I can actually do a whole podcast dedicated to a television show. However, if anyone could give me this opportunity, it’s those creative minds over at National Geographic. Although they have had some great programs, some I love, and some I hate for many different reasons, this time, they have given us something to really think about .

Unlike Doomsday Preppers, where those who prepare are filmed and edited to look extreme, or Ultimate Survival Alaska where everyone is an experienced survivalist, American Blackout takes a look at the consequences of a world without electricity from the perspective of a variety of people.

American BlackoutTaking the completely plausible scenario of a cyber attack on the power grid, the US is plunged into darkness and all the horrid and inhumane things we as preppers imagine and plan for come to fruition. The show follows several groups of people from students trapped in an elevator, a regular family with a preteen and baby, to a prepper with a fully stocked bug out location complete with hidden bunker.

There are a few things we have to remember about this show though. First and foremost, this is NOT a documentary. The scenario, albeit plausible, is fictional and the timeline of events that unfold is no more than an educated guess, however they do align somewhat with similar situations that occurred in various disasters of recent history. Fuel shortages, food and water depletion, emergency services being taxed beyond effectiveness, even the institution of martial law have all taken place within the last decade when disaster has struck.

On this episode of The Prepared Canadian I’ll follow a few of the more interesting groups featured on the program and point out some of their more important decisions, both good and bad, as well as point out the most important part of the film, which is something everyone, even the most prepared among us should keep in mind.
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